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wax mentoring engineers (any div)
Hello! I play a lot of engineer (2x third place plat HL, 1x second place plat HL, and multiple other seasons in plat/invite) and I'm looking to pass the extensive engineer knowledge I've amassed over the years onto inexperienced players seeking to improve their engie gameplay. I have already helped a good number of eggers, and I plan to continue until my heart gives out.

Much like the other invite mentors, please be prepared to approach me for help. Very rarely will I come to you first, if at all. Only you know what you need help with until you talk to me and we go over a few demos together. 

Add me!
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/gyp5ypunk/
Discord: wax#1090

YouTube - With your permission, I can also go over your demos on my own and upload them to YouTube so that you (and others) can go back and reference it at your leisure

Thanks y'all. I look forward to working with you.
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WaxAttacks will teach you how to build battle good
hello! dont add me for forum issues, use PM instead
He’s really smart and deserves more credit for being a driven force in the engineer.tf community
fortnite gamer
i have a confession

wax is a better engineer than me
plug walk
(12-10-2018, 02:21 PM)cloud Wrote: i have a confession

wax is a better engineer than me

no way!
i heard you came in second place Silver Season Twenty Five!
does this wax guy have any accomplishments that can compare with that??
He lifts level 3 sentries in his free time because of how ripped he is.
Wax is cool and good id recommend
he's a boz
bump. im much better than u.
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