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Highlander Season 5 - Quarterfinals Prediction
Welcome to RGL Highlander Season 5. This is Week 8. All divisions will have quarterfinals matches using the map elimination system.

The maps that can be picked and banned are the following: 
KotH: Cascade, Lakeside, Ashville
Stopwatch: Upward, Vigil, Swiftwater, Steel
(exec rgl_hl_stopwatch)
(exec rgl_hl_koth)

  1. The team that is the higher seeded team from regular season chooses to either be Team A or Team B.
  2. Team A bans a map
  3. Team B bans a map
  4. Team B picks a map
  5. Team A picks a map
  6. Team A bans a map
  7. Team B picks a map

Quarterfinal Matches
RGL HL Season 5 Team Spreadsheet
Roster Transactions

Feel free to predict which teams you think will win or lose below.
Good luck to all teams and have fun!
cant win this one lads
Why even argue with scratchh.... he look like Gabe Newell son...... BUT 50x BIGGER!!!
(03-26-2020, 07:26 AM)Scratchh Wrote: cant win this one lads

you tried your best thats whats important
IHM > Bodybuilding 2-0
Swiftwater 2-0
Upward 2-1
Personally don't expect bodybuilding to put up much of a fight but I think they can take an upward half.

lay civ5 > NKB 2-1
Ashville 3-0
Upward 1-2
Lakeside 3-2
I expect this match to be close and the outcome to rely on how hard rvn and arzt pop off respectively
knd > mcm 2-0
Upward 2-0 knd
Lakeside 3-1 knd

Fred VI > Turtle Beach Audio 2-1
Steel 2-1 Turtle
Cascade 3-1 Fred
Upward 2-1 Fred
I expected Fred VI to ban steel after getting 2-0'd by Turtle last week, but since they didn't, I expect this to go to the third map.

Mondays > Bodybuilding 2-0
Swiftwater 2-0 Mondays
Upward  2-0 Mondays

lay civ5 > NKB 2-1
Ashville 3-1 lay civ5
Upward 2-1 NKB
lakeside 3-2 lay civ5
NKB is a decent pl team and layciv5 is good at koth. The double koth puts NKB in a tight spot though. Lay civ5 should have this.

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