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Invite jetz sniper/demo/soldier/scout any div
Hi its jetz here

idk what the divisions are in rgl i haven't played hl for a while but i think i was like mid plat on sniper and low plat on demo back when i played ugc. Haven't really played much hl scout/soldier but i could probably have played scout in mid plat and soldier in top silver/low plat.

Willing to play 

Invite: sniper/scout/demo

Advanced: sniper/demo/soldier

Main: scout/soldier/demo

Relevant exp;
S27 3rd place open scout (14-2, 2-1)
S29 5th place open scout (14-2, 1-1)
S30 IM scout, ?-?

Platinum sniper with S9 dont remember which season

Platinum sniper with ibn
he made it to top 50 with zoo warlock
he probably also plays keleseth on curve
needs a 144 hz monitor for his topsy turvy combo
will gonk you
I have been told what the divisions are. I think i like the idea of playing open or intermediate
I have been informed that it is illegal for me to play below main.

Will play scout/sniper in invite/advanced/main

Will play soldier/demo in advanced/main
im a BIG FUCKER tm
wanting to play invite willing to play scout/demo as well as sniper
jetz is a jack of all trades for any of the 6s classes and is a very adept sniper. a very talented player
team life expectancy is uncertain

i think i could do ok in invite on scout/sniper/demo/soldier but im willing to hear out offers in advanced / main
this man gets 800 dpm and loses...i think its a curse
Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
gosh darn he is good
plug walk
phat sniper, really good. non-toxic as well. pick him up
Honestly I don't even know this man but pick him up for gamer wins tbh
I know my opinion doesn't matter but I don't care Smile.

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