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Advanced lft sniper s6
improved tremendously in the past 2 seasons, very confident I will do well 

want to learn more and get even better

also tired of subbing

wouldn't be opposed to picking up scout in high main 

extremely underrated player. good attitude, very good aim, coordinates with team. easily high advanced
Pick this man up idk why he isnt a much better known sniper

super nice and wonderful too
Problem with whalemart is no one knows him

He will be the next sniper of the future that I can promise

Hes already better then you and you just dont know it

Guys got some serious talent

quiet but can make comms

I didnt really get to know whalemart that much but the few games he played he just stood out

I really wish I could of been this guys friend and got to know him more
Ok so let's go over how whalemart is high advanced:

Farms advanced snipers fairly easily and consistently (just look at his logs).

Has a great attitude and is very chill. Great to have on your team. I honestly don't know why this man isn't getting picked up as a main though. Every time he's subbed in he absolutely wrecks.

His scout is indeed very clean. He had to sub in scout for the top adv team and he farmed.

This man can properly carry your team if you give him enough space to get kills.

His game-sense and positioning are really epic as well. I've learned a lot from how he positions himself from his demos and help.

If you doubt me or anybody else on this forum then try him out. This madlad is going to exceed your expectations.

Lets go over why he's not CURRENTLY playing as a main in high advanced:

he's underrated; nobody has really seen him play other than people he regularly plays with.

Oversaturation of snipers in every division kinda let the diamonds in the rough get drowned out especially this season. This man is the diamond in the rough.

Why the hell haven't you picked him up yet???
(04-04-2020, 02:10 AM)SC.Johnathan Testicle Wrote: His scout is indeed very clean. He had to sub in scout for the top adv team and he farmed.

my scout is in fact not very clean, and I did not farm when I subbed in

that's why I would be down to learn the class tho
good player
fucking awesome sniper
can go toe-to-toe with high advanced and invite players aimwise
excellent comms, never seen him get toxic, always constructive, and calls more (and better) than 90% of snipers at this level
actually thinks about the game and isn't a brainless turret
focused on improving and impresses me more and more each time i see him play

please pick him up, could easily be a top half of advanced sniper in his first season, easily leapfrogging a lot of the more household names
YOOOO i love whalemart

this dude fucks pick him up!
rang sniper for us tonight and did insanely well! can easily compete in advanced with the rest!
kung fu kenny
Very good sniper and player (:
bump, tryouts have been going well Smile

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