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Advanced itsyAcore - Sniper
Hello, I'm looking to find a team that will let me tryout as their main sniper. I'm always looking to improve and ask a lot of other snipers for advice (i.e. Fallen Lord). I will stay positive no matter how the game is turning out and try to lift the spirits of my teammates. All I ask is for a chance to prove myself. 
Really nice guy, give him a shot on sniper!
He would be a pretty good sniper in advanced.
Dedicated to improving and solid mechanics
Give him a tryout
Acore was great as both sniper and spy. I was pleasantly surprised to see him keep up with snipers in invite. It surprises me no longer, he's pretty strong and worth trying out! He was always reliably available and cheerful for Bv.
Very dedicated player, always willing to improve, and a super fun person to be around. This guy held his own in Invite on Sniper, he would absolutely steamroll Advanced.
Acore, it's a shame you couldn't keep Bv alive for yet another season but I applaud your dedication. You got the short end of the stick in terms of players and I totally understand that.
Please give him a really good team.
they are a super nice person and are always friendly and keep a happy atmosphere. They arent bad either, Id recommend them for any adv team and hopefully with practice they will become even better
Perfect candidate to pick up if you are looking for players to play with season after season.
I will always be a pyro main <3
bumping I really need tryouts I only have 1 so far

(Also thank you to everyone who posted on my thread so far. It was really touching to read them)
So I have tryouts lined up for this weekend.
Wax - Sniper & Spy (Sunday)
Bum - Sniper (Monday) idk about this one

Still looking for more tryouts that actually try me out and not last minute die.
I'm bumping this, as I'm now LFT again. Please help me.
pick this man up

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