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RGL Recruitment Thread
Interested in helping RGL.gg Highlander to better give back to the community? We are looking for experienced and talented individuals in the following categories:

- Voice Casters
- Camera Production (Spectating and streaming the matches in-game)
- Graphic Designers (Creating thumbnails, graphics, or banners for the articles and announcements)
- Article Writers (May possibly keep this alive for Season 2)
- Any other valuable assets that you think can provide to RGL.gg!

Please contact Dolphin regarding the stream production team and exa_ regarding the other categories.


https://old.reddit.com/r/truetf2/comment...tion_team/ <-- For more detail regarding interested individuals that want to help with either camera work or voice casting.
helping RGL HL? My true calling? sign me up!
The Godfather#7716
keep articles alive
Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
I would do Invite or Advanced articles again, probably prefer Advanced.
i can write and do cameras, and i could probably cast but my voice is not very popular in my experience.
i can do graphic design
i used to co-cast with Nicell when BonkTF2 was a thing. i'd love to help cast sometime!

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