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RGL Recruitment Thread
Interested in helping RGL.gg Highlander to better give back to the community? We are looking for experienced and talented individuals in the following categories:

- Voice Casters
- Camera Production (Spectating and streaming the matches in-game)
- Graphic Designers (Creating thumbnails, graphics, or banners for the articles and announcements)
- Article Writers (May possibly keep this alive for Season 2)
- Any other valuable assets that you think can provide to RGL.gg!

Please contact Dolphin regarding the stream production team and exa_ regarding the other categories.


https://old.reddit.com/r/truetf2/comment...tion_team/ <-- For more detail regarding interested individuals that want to help with either camera work or voice casting.
helping RGL HL? My true calling? sign me up!
RGL Open Highlander Admin and RGL 6's Admin 
The Godfather#7716
keep articles alive
Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
I would do Invite or Advanced articles again, probably prefer Advanced.
i can write and do cameras, and i could probably cast but my voice is not very popular in my experience.
i can do graphic design
i used to co-cast with Nicell when BonkTF2 was a thing. i'd love to help cast sometime!

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