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Sixes Power Pugs Reopening!
Hi TF2 Community!

First off, I hope you are all staying safe and healthy! I wanted to let everyone know that I will be reopening Power Pugs and the grand opening event will be next weekend - May 16th and 17th. In order to celebrate the reopening of this pug group, I will also be giving away an unusual hat. To qualify for the giveaway, you must be a member of our steam group Power Pugs and participate in at least two pugs during next weekends event. We welcome players from all skill levels to participate in our pugs!

A little background about Power Pugs. I created Power Pugs back in 2012 because of my passion for the game, the competitive scene and the community. Since then the group has grown to over 1.5k members and has provided a safe space for all levels of players to participate in 6v6 game play. I gave the group away a few years ago to Wrech and Frenzy, who ran pugs for a while and the last pug they held was in October 2019. The group has been dead since then and I am excited to be back as leader of the group to reopen. I am excited to see old faces and am just as excited to welcome new faces!!

Below I have included some details about Power Pugs, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions to make the group more successful. Feel free to personally add me on steam here.

Power Pug Rules

  1. You must have a mic and use your mic in order to participate in pugs. We use mumble for our means of communication.
  2. Be respectful. We do not tolerate egos, name calling or trolling of any kind. This is a safe place for all members of the community to enjoy the 6v6 competitive experience. 
  3. Excessive off classing is prohibited. 
  4. Lastly, have fun!
Power Pugs Map List
  • cp_badlands
  • cp_granary_pro_rc8
  • cp_gullywash_final1
  • cp_metalworks
  • cp_process_final
  • cp_snakewater_final1
  • cp_sunshine
  • cp_villa_b13a
  • koth_bagel_fall_b8
  • koth_clearcut_b14c
  • koth_product_rcx
Power Pugs will be running the following cfgs and plugins on our server.
  • RGL.gg
  • Logs.TF
  • Sizzling Stats
  • Soap DM
Power Pugs also has a "Fat Kid" system in place. This system ensures that all players do get to play. If you are not chosen for the current pug, you are automatically moved into the "Fat Kid" channel and guaranteed a spot in the next pug.

I look forward to playing with you all!

We are getting closer to the grand reopening event this weekend, which features an unusual hat giveaway. For each friend that you invite to the Power Pugs group, you will gain one additional entry for the giveaway. All friends invited by Friday, May 15th at 12am EST will be counted.**

I look forward to seeing you all this weekend.

**You must also participate in at least two pugs during the grand reopening weekend event per the original post.

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