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Invite V12 - Firing on all Cylinders LFP
After some unfortunate roster issues and the loss of some certain players, I have decided to rebrand Heals On Everyone 6LACK (h|6.) to Firing on all Cylinders (V12) as we have little remaining HoE players. The name may be brought out of retirement in the future.
We are shaping up to be a mid-Invite team at least and we aim to be the best we possibly can as a whole. I am looking for dedicated and reliable players that are willing to work with the players that I already have. 

Our roster is as follows:
Scout - Daffodil
Soldier - Khil
Pyro - T.K.
Demoman - Fygg? LFP
Heavy - Lizard? LFP
Engineer - Spamfest? LFP
Medic - SpotlightR
Sniper - Gert or lenny
Spy - Spu

Demoman tryouts would be a blessing and we are in dire need of Heavies to tryout for us as well. If Daffodil ends up having to play Demoman for us then we will need a Scout to take his place. 

Thank you for taking the time to look and I hope that you will consider our team for your next home, we promise to play to the best of our ability.
Rip spotlightringme

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