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Amateur Baya LFT Sniper (Main or Sub)
Hello there! I'm a sniper main who's completely new to the competitive scene after having played TF2 and other fps for nearly four years casually. I used to play SVS gamemodes frequently and have around 1000 hours, so I know what I'm doing but not quite the best at it. I may struggle a bit but I hope to show my skills and learn a lot from the opponents I face. I'm not known to tilt or rage often and I hope to get better at communication in competitive play. I want to enter Open as either sub or main.

Don't have mumble and my Ts3 account has gone untouched for years. My discord is baya#2021 and is the best way of contacting me. 
I can play primarily on weekends regardless of time, however I'll only play on the weekdays as long as it's still summer.


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