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Highlander Season 6 - Week 2 Predictions
Welcome to RGL Highlander Season 6. This is Week 2, the map played will be koth_lakeside_final.

(First to 4 Pts) (exec rgl_hl_koth)

Week 2 Matches
RGL HL Season 6 Team Spreadsheet
Roster Transactions

Good luck to all the teams and thank you for playing the sixth season of RGL Highlander!
Feel free to predict which teams you think will win or lose below.
ami > imposters 4-0
team racism > ihm 4-1
$k > mcm 4-2
gl pyp
plug walk
High Impact Dolphin Wrote:
High Impact Dolphin Wrote:
High Impact Dolphin Wrote: high impact dolhpin wihns
Lotus > Impostors 4-0
whyte < IHM 4-3
squirtyay > pyp 4-1
krab > mcm 4-2

SD < s9 4-3
washed bv < NTWG 4-1
FH < OWN 4-2
bopis = frat glhf
Flower > Pasta 4-1
FFFFFF > Garfield 4-0
Beep boop > men destroy after sunday 4-2
Gl squid people
RIP Marker's hair 1997-2018
Lotus > Impostors 4-1
whyte > IHM 4-1
squirtyay = pyp glhf
krab > mcm 4-2

SD < s9 2-4
washed bv < NTWG 1-4
FH < OWN 4-3
bopis > frat 4-2
big floppa represent
Single Drop > Seductive 9 4-2
oWn = FH
BOPIS > Frat Boys 4-3
Predictions for Advanced:
All of these matches could go either way this week, but here are my predictions.

Single Drop
> Seductive 9 4-3

Single Drop's best players: rvn (if she's allowed on demo), BMPD, whalemart.
Seductive 9's best players: J_peg, Vizard, WiLLmaTiC

Home Depot eSports < The Frat House 3-4
With the recent pickup of rev on Demo I think The Frat House will win this.
Home Depot eSports' best players: Luigi, norphel03, cyclowns.
The Frat House's best players: rev, minti, beanie.

< Oprah Winfrey Network 2-4
Even with the recent pickup of dbk on Demo for FEMBOY HOOTERS, I feel like the long-term synergy between the players on Oprah Winfrey Network will win them this game.
FEMBOY HOOTERS' best players: Guava, dbk, lukamine.
Oprah Winfrey Network's best players: Joey Lemons, Saturation, nurkz.
sd > s9 4-2
bopis = frat glhf probably motw
femboy > own 4-3
Week 2 of this season of Advanced features the lovely Lakeside!

Single Drop vs Seductive 9
Prediction: 4-2 Seductive 9

Seductive 9 started off the season with a very convincing week 1 victory vs Washed Penguins. I expect this momentum to continue entering Week 2 with J-Peg and Brandon doing BIG things on Lakeside. Single Drop did have another roster shake-up with the death of Contra's team, adding BMPD and bloompi but I don't expect this to lead into a victory for them.

Players that will pound: Tom Servo, bmpd, vizard

Washed Penguins vs Not The Worst Guys
Prediction: 4-0 Washed Penguins

bye week

FEMBOY HOOTERS vs Oprah Winfrey Network
Prediction: 4-1 FEMBOY HOOTERS

FEMBOY HOOTERS came ready to play week 1, single handedly beating Frat House. I was very impressed by their performance and expect this to also carry into a week 2 victory for FEMBOY. The recent acquisition of dbk strengthens their combo and gives them a solid edge over Oprah.

Players that will pound: dbk, tua, guava

Home Depot eSports vs The Frat House
Prediction: GLHF
I'm on medic so this should be an interesting match Smile
kung fu kenny

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