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NC - Medic - AMC
Hello! I am AMC. I would like to get back into video games after a ten year break. I have some experience, mainly in UGC, and would like to find a chill group to work with as I get used to the game again.

IDK anything about anything so I think I should start at the bottom. I used to run my own teams and main call so I can help with strategy and team cohesiveness. I would like to main. I am aiming to have some fun with people who want to get better. I can scrim anytime I am planning to do 6s and HL so I would have to accommodate both. Mainly looking to scrim 9-11 est. With demo reviews after, together or if not as a team I'll do it alone. Can use mumble or discord.

I might be above NC but IDK. I haven't played in ten years.

My steam is:

Season 5 NA Platinum
The Geek Squad as E² AMC (Medic)

Season 6 NA Steel
The Wild Party as E² AMC (Soldier)

Season 7 NA Platinum
Gun Runners as AMC (Backup)

Season 8 NA Platinum
Gun Runners as AMC (Backup and mentor for medic)

Season 9 NA Silver
The Wild Party as AMC (Backup and mentor All class)

Season 11 NA Silver
Space Jam Mountain as AMC (Scout)

Season 13 NA Silver
The Collegiate as AMC (Scout)


Season 8 NA Steel
The Wild Party as AMC (Pocket Soldier)

Season 9 NA Platinum
The Wild Party as AMC (Medic)

Season 10 NA Steel
Wildlander as AMC (Backup, Mentor)

Cevo Season 4 6v6
The Wild party as AMC (Scout)

Mane Six as AMC (Pocket)

The Wild Party as AMC (Medic)

The Wild Party as AMC (Medic)

The Preservation Project as Suppie (Backup)

I basically intend to mentor as I learn so the team gets better as I fall back into the groove. If it looks like I'm sandbagging, I'll gladly look upward.

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