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Advanced Markers Piss Rifle And Other Stuff
Hi, I have gone back and forth deciding whether or not I should look for a main spot for the rest of this season or even main ever again and ultimately decided that I will snipe for anyone in advanced that allows me to run fulltime piss rifle and doesn't need me to do any leading because it is true that this division is my home and it is  also true that leading idiots (I mean that in the nicest way possible, probably) in this game has stressed me out considerably more than real life has over the past year, and that should not ever be the case with team fortress 2. Granted, all of this is dependent on whether or not I'm allowed to snipe in advanced. I have lots of experience and want to play with cool people and have fun and totally not mald when i die to spy again, so definitely look forward to me not doing that. : ) I am dedicated to teams I play on and am not someone that will join and just not care at all.

Oh, and if any invite teams need a sniper to main at some point this season I'll play regular rifle and NEET for that if someone wants me : ) But there appear to be approximately 5000 snipers and only 8 spots in invite, which is rough on the supply side of the market unless I lead (I hate leading) my own team : (

If I'm not allowed to do any of that stuff, then I guess I would consider engie, medic (I will not maincall), or pyro for an advanced team expecting to make playoffs because I would like to learn those classes as well while not getting shitrolled constantly or yelled at constantly or being trolled excessively by my own team.

Only add me for main spot tryouts, thank you!! : )

ALso bonus! If you pick me up I can get you an INSANE!! spy (AND ENGIE) as well if you need one! : )

Thanks! : )

He may not have high-invite aim, but he's one of the smartest snipers i've ever played against, and knows how to win you games without getting 500 dpm. Markers knows the game so well that he doesn't need to have a good day of aim to get the dub, he's got it down to a science.

Even then, he'd still probably have the best sniper aim in advanced, at the very least top 3; don't forget he was the best sniper in S4 Advanced by a long shot when it was a much more stacked division sniper-wise.

plus the pee rifle is actually decent and he beat me in svs on it http://logs.tf/2364356#76561198034955422
this guy fucks with the peepee gun
pick him up and buy him bosley, I love this man (no homo)
RIP Marker's hair 1997-2018
(06-24-2020, 11:04 PM)tua Wrote: He may not have high-invite aim...

It's true, let me snipe in advanced or at least play something while covid ruins my social life : )

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