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Main LFT main/adv. spy preffered.
Yo, I am SpiderJew.
I have been playing since s23 ugc, during that time I have never played my main (Spy) on a team. My spy has twice the experience as the other classes I have. I have played these classes in the main decision of rgl.
Heavy, Pyro, Engi. 

I have played these classes in IM 6s for rgl
Demo, Scouts. 

I always arrive to scrims early, am very communicative, and seek to improve, pick me up if you want a solid reliable player who can stick with a team through thick and thin. 

I am looking for a main spot in the main division. Since I have played so many classes in the main division solidly, I could also be a solid sub in the adv division, or perhaps a main spy. 

contact me at discord: 


I can tryout most days with due notice.
Spiderjew is a really nice guy! i really enjoy talking to him! i've never played on the same team as him but i really enjoy having him around so that counts for something right?
He was my player and he's super chill and pretty darn flexible with all classes, go ahead and pick him up!
That's nice.
Played with him on his prolander team and it was great! A very flexible player in the terms of his mains and other classes that he juggles with during matches and scrims and he can damn well drop the Medic on the first point even at gunpoint of being forced to only play Heavy during a bet which he won. (So yay for him)

And he has a wonderful attitude and able to tolerance stupidity in the face of strife, would recommend for him to get picked up by a higher div. Also helped get our prolander team get moved up a div so that's +2 points.
Spider's a really great guy, he's a great all around player, and has been a great mentor for me. Pick up this mad lad!
I don't know about him playing adv but he talks about Smash a lot so I assume he smells like a Smash player.
Spider Jew is a really cool guy, hes really nice and he helped mentor are team a little, someone should pick him up cause hes good.
he is a swag person imo

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