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Amateur LFT Engie, Pyro, Medic, Heavy
I'm looking to play any of these classes on a Newcomer or Amateur team with a preference for playing Engineer.

Will never claim to be the best, but always willing to learn and improve from mentors or team mates. In it primarily for the experience of playing in a comp environment again as it was the most fun I ever had in this game, so the idea of being a main or sub is irrelevant to me. Class hours were reset a while back so they aren't indicative of how much I actually played on said class. Contact me for more info!

Also, I feel it should be said but I used to play in UGC and was cleared by admins a while ago. Trust me I hardly count that experience anyway. Smile

Contact Information:
Steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/radradius
Discord Ratio#8144

If I'm not on one, I'm usually on the other. <3

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