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Advanced Timeless LFT Sniper (Advanced/Invite)
Well, I'll be leaving home depot esports and going LFT for season 7. Getting my feet wet back in TF2 was fun and really enjoyed playing again. With the end of COVID nowhere in sight (rumors are is that I'll be working remotely until 2021), I guess I'll stick around for another season Big Grin I'm not exactly sure what will open up in Invite regarding sniper but I'm willing to snipe in advanced or Invite for the upcoming season.

Looking forward to grinding and streaming a bit in the offseason once I get around to building my new computer.

Relevant experience:
-Multiple seasons maining and subbing in UGC Plat - dK, chill penguins, mcm
-Season 6 RGL - Advanced/Moved up to Invite - Home Depot esports

Thanks! Discord is the easiest to get ahold of me.
Timeless#2495 or Steam

EDIT: 8/11/2020 - No longer LFT.  Smile
this guy is nuts!
born a winner
Timeless has been an amazing sniper for so long, always a great pickup!
Savant Smile
man like timeless pounds
I fear being against this man.
Excellent sniper, definitely deserves a top team to play on
Easily one of my favorite teammates of all time and incredibly good at sniper. I was legitimately afraid of playing against him when Home Depot got moved up to invite, and he definitely kept up with the best snipers in the division even if his team did not. Certified Corn Duck
probably would've been the best sniper in advanced if he hadn't had the balls the move up to the big leagues
nice guy and way better than me
good guy pick him up
hi =)
Timeless is such a genuine friend. 10/10 homie. He would be such a fat pick up in any div.

This guy has hung out with the top snipers in the game for years. He will carry.

A true real one Big Grin
beast sniper, best player on bopis this season
will do well in invite and demolish adv
bump back to first page Smile
Good sniper, always made sure to try to kill him as much as possible whenever my team played against his this past season, also seems like a nice guy Smile
im fuckign COOL.
Elite gamer
doesnt miss
WNO | doctrchoppaxx mistermachete103071 
great teammate, good attitude, and extensively knowledgeable in the HL formula

he'll be a great addition to any team guaranteed, just don't let him die
really good teammate, great player that can pound on any team, wants to win and tries hard to improve.

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