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Highlander Ban Appeal Discussion - fluwalrus
norfnorf - esports lawyer
(08-02-2020, 11:10 PM)norfnorf Wrote: @Mothership Nobody is saying flu walrus or Fred don’t deserve a ban. They do. The majority went into it with the intent to do something that would negatively impact the league as a whole. Their bans are justified. Nobody is disagreeing with this and other members made their opinions very clear that they don’t care and found it funny. Also, nobody is arguing that flu walrus doesn’t deserve to be reprimanded for his actions. This is also an absolute fact. What the goal, i believe, of the post is to make the argument that certain players (fluey) do not deserve the same treatment as other players who maintained a negative attitude and showed a persistent disregard and respect for the league they were playing in. I feel like the overwhelming community opinion is to lessen flu walrus’ ban and not the rest of the team. Also, I would like to reference the post by Exa recently where they discussed the bans of players and the treatment of people in scrims in regards to how RGL would react to this. The use of community feedback was extremely well used and I hope it would be used in this situation. I did not see mention of his name or other Fred players in that post and was wondering since I assume rgl takes the standpoint of being a representation of the players as opposed to being an authoritarian regime, maybe polling player opinion on the subject at hand would be an honest way to conclude the discussion. I’m sure utilizing a community based solution involving a complete portrayal of all information would be a solution rgl would utilize no? Also, I disagree with the idea that exa should have done something different. Flu walrus should have been more clear in his wording about what he knew was going to happen. However, I saw dimento say that he made the information more readily available to not only his team, but also to exa. Why was this not brought up to other admins? Irrelevant to this post, why would an admin (referee / authoritative figure) be able to participate in a league where money is able to be won. This seems like a blatant conflict of interest. Nobody brought this up in this post, but exaflamer seemed keen to defend this in his reply. HMMMMMM

while i agree with almost everything in this post about flu, i think letting disciplinary matters be handled by a community poll is a really bad idea and would make a terrible precedent and things will turn into heavily biased popularity contests
i also think an attack on exa is pretty unnecessary, they have shown no bias and asking them to leave the league that they put an immense amount of effort into despite receiving no pay(i think?) is pretty shitty, its pretty disingenuous to say that they have ever made decisions to benefit their own team for the purpose of the prize money

all that being said
(08-02-2020, 11:10 PM)norfnorf Wrote: snip

Conveniently forgets Witness was Invite Head Admin when this happened, and also fails to recognize that a isn't playing in Invite was chosen to avoid conflict of interest issues.

The entire case was handled by Witness and other Head Admins because ALL admins are forced to completely recuse themselves from issues that arise with them or their teammates or friends. The important thing to note here is that players should take issues to their division admins because they're the only ones who have authority over their respective divisions, in this specific case, exa has no authority whatsoever because he was playing in the match itself. Therefore the division admin and the other head admins have to look at the issue due to the lack of a format head admin.

Players are meant to go to their division admin when they have issues, not some other division's admin, not an admin who you happen to be close friends with to attempt to get preferential treatment. It's pretty easy to scapegoat any admin with conflict of interests, as easy as it is to say there's a conflict of interest for any other poster on this thread. It's been made extremely both internally and externally that admins must recuse themselves from cases where they have a conflict of interest ever since the community has had concerns over it. There's been many cases where I or others have taken over issues that involve ANY admin and dealt with them accordingly and impartially without interference from the admin involved. 

So if it's not clear yet, go to your division admin if you have issues; if your division admin is involved in the case, go to the head admin. If it involves your head admin, go to another head admin or raise it with your/another division admin. If you don't, it gets raised internally and passed off to another admin.

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