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coachs corner (interviews)
(07-28-2020, 07:58 PM)exa_ | hl.rgl.gg Wrote: why me

i put in all suggestions posted in the thread into the strawpoll. as stated before, i will interview any1 as requested.

EDIT: a reminder that i am against all hating shit. while i put in norf norfs suggestion, i do not stand by what he said in the latter part of his post.
coach BUCKS
ok fellas

[Image: quyL0lP.png]

looks like galaxy spy won, but looking at the thread it wasnt that big a surprise. today or tommorow (sooner or later) i will add galaxy and interview him with my own series of questions. feel free to post reader submitted questions for galaxy spy here or if you wish to remain anonymous or for whatever reason idk u can add me and tell me what you want me to ask him without being seen publicly on the forum.

do not submit questions that cross the line. if u have to ask whats the line maybe its best u dont ask a question. but then again worst case scenario i just say no or i ignore it so.
What is the galaxy spy's favorite fruit?

is that crossing the line?
when is galaxy spy's bedtime?

(07-28-2020, 08:26 PM)vrkytion Wrote:
(07-28-2020, 07:58 PM)exa_ | hl.rgl.gg Wrote: why me

i put in all suggestions posted in the thread into the strawpoll. as stated before, i will interview any1 as requested.

EDIT: a reminder that i am against all hating shit. while i put in norf norfs suggestion, i do not stand by what he said in the latter part of his post.

can you put yourself in there? i got some questions bout your sprays
for galaxy:
What do you think is holding you back as a player? How will you get the recognition you deserve and how will you get into invite?
(07-29-2020, 06:56 PM)ABRA-goin'-HAM LINCOLN Wrote: What is the galaxy spy's favorite fruit?

is that crossing the line?


(07-29-2020, 07:06 PM)norfnorf Wrote: when is galaxy spy's bedtime?

(07-28-2020, 08:26 PM)vrkytion Wrote:
(07-28-2020, 07:58 PM)exa_ | hl.rgl.gg Wrote: why me

i put in all suggestions posted in the thread into the strawpoll. as stated before, i will interview any1 as requested.

EDIT: a reminder that i am against all hating shit. while i put in norf norfs suggestion, i do not stand by what he said in the latter part of his post.

can you put yourself in there? i got some questions bout your sprays

yea but u guys would have to find someone to interview me then

the deadline for reader submitted questions is tommorow when i get off work
how is the galaxy spys job going
what was the instructions of the package you attempted to send Catalyst?
why do you want in thanos pugs so badly

what steps might you take to try and get into thanos pugs

do you believe you are better than more than half of the people currently in thanos pugs

if you cannot get into thanos pugs, will you try and ddos or poach players from thanos pugs for a new pug discord

is thanos pugs your entire purpose in life, why or why not

plan to get into the invite scene
Name the invite spies who you aspire to be the most
We need to do galaxy !!!!!
(07-28-2020, 07:58 PM)exa_ | hl.rgl.gg Wrote: why me

why not
Question for galaxy:

Do you ever wanna become invite?

When will you ever become advanced, and be on a team for a full season.

Why do you leave mid-scrim when you wanna ring?

Have you ever gone through one pug/scrim/match without complaining about an enemy not standing still?
question for galaxy:

Why the laptop
How have Speak For Yourself and White Rice influenced your playstyle?
[Image: fortnite-galaxy-skin-720x405.jpg]

disclaimer: the opinions expressed by the 1 interviewed are by the 1 interviewed. the coach may have completely different views dont cancel me.

galaxy: hi im galaxy spy and i played open for the last two weeks of season 2, main on a season 3 main team that died, advanced for season 4, and advanced again in season 5 but it died too.

g: wait why did i call myself galaxy spy

COACH: I don't know. But how are you doing today Galaxy Spy?

g: im fine i got my first paycheck from work today and i played a couple good pugs so my day so far was all right.

C: ya eh sayin u caught some dubs ?

g: yea i mean dubs when people dont troll but yea i guess so man

[Image: MOn6n3me_400x400.jpg]
pictured: notorious pug villain mono72; ready to ruin galaxys chances of a dub

g: well i mean for example alot of the time when i pug i pick people with good mental so i try to avoid trollers but sometimes you have characters like mono72 who will run huntsman and ruin a pug. then others get tilted and blame me. then we lose, so that happens sometimes.

C: So sayin this pug villain Mono72 messes up your games and then you get blamed for it? That's messed up. Some people really try to ruin other people's chances for a Dub by trolling. A shame.

g: indeed fam. truly is. but i mean overall i dont care im just here to have fun

C: How long have you been playing TF2 for?

g: like comp or just in general?

C: In general.

g: lets see, i'd say like from when i was in grade 8? im in grade 12 now. so 4 years.

C: Damn that's crazy

g: its not as much as others i know

C: It's all good buddy. Hours don't equal skill but I'd like to think if you played a game for years no matter what, you should be good. Moreso if you play consistently and with the intention to win and improve yourself.

C: Do you only play Spy?

g: no not at all.

C: What other classes do you play?

g: in 6s i play scout and demo

C: Okay. And in Highlander you only play Spy?

g: nah i can play anything really. just dont put me on pootis thats all.

C: Damn. I know those ones. I understand that you've been banned from RGL. Why is that?

[Image: 10547709_743763245667024_565948092352883...e=5F490B15]
pictured: the coach getting more & more confused as galaxy explains

g: i sent a "bomb" threat to Catalyst. really it was just a confrontation between me & him in the rgl meme discord. he muted me from talking and when he unmuted me i said next time u mute me will truly be a catalyst... and so he muted me then i went to the dms and the rest is history.

C: To be honest. I don't know what you're talking about when you said confrontation. What happened exactly when you "went to the dms"

g: oh i was just being super extra cringe in the meme discord so he muted me.

C: I meant more as in what did you DM him exactly?

[Image: unknown.png?width=374&height=677]
[credit to ridge for grabbing image as the original broke at the time of the article]

g: that & also i believe the admins banned me off another thing i said in my own private discord

C: I'm confused. Why did you send him that exactly? What were you going to get out of sending him those messages?

g: nothing it was supposed to be a joke. cuz like he muted me so i thought it would be funny to like get him more pissed or something. it really wasnt a big deal and i mean i honestly didnt mean it as a bomb threat. like i didnt know u could read bombs.

C: I'm still very confused. So you sent him those messages in order to get him mad. He'll get mad at pretty much... empty threats. And then you got banned.

g: i sent those messages as a joke in reaction to him muting me. i had no idea it would get me banned. i honestly didnt even think he would report that because to me it didnt seem like an issue at all. i think one thing i learnt is that i shouldnt be that confrontational with people who are sensitive or that i dont know on a friend basis. like if Catalyst is truly scared. i mean hes Catalyst but like it is what it is. ive come to accept it now. but at the end of the day mans just 17 trying to have a good time u dig?

C: Damn. That's tough. I don't understand the humor behind it but maybe it's due to age difference or being in different environments. When did all of this transpire?

g: id say about 4 months ago. i got banned for something else too in my own discord. like related to bombs.

C: And what did you get banned for in your own discord exactly?

g: although theres no evidence basically after i got banned my entire discord was blowing up like laughing at me and what not. and this player named panther as a joke said in general chat what would happen if i bombed [galaxy's real address] and then i replied because i thought it was funny and the vibe was just jokes i sent the exact same thing but instead posted an imaginary address and @'d him with it. someone screenshotted it & sent it to exaflamer. so in the end those two things probably got me banned even if literally both of them were retarded.

C: Hmmm. Okay. Do you feel full remorse for your actions?

g: i mean its rgl. i wasnt super surprised considering some of the other bans but im not exactly feeling remorse because i think that it was just a bunch of retards talking on discord and saying stupid shit. like i for one have seen and heard things way fucking worse and no one got banned. like im gonna be honest here: the Catalyst thing is just incredible to me.

C: Why is that?


  1.  i didnt think he was a bitch like that and would report me
  2. i honestly didnt mean it as a bomb threat it was interpreted the wrong way
  3. legally a bomb threat needs to have an address theres no address so its just dumb

C: Damn. So you feel like they did you dirty huh? How is your relationship with Catalyst right now? Do you still feel angry that he got you banned? And how long did you get banned for?

g: i heard from other players that Catalyst is a pussy bitch so i dont associate with him. i was banned indefinitely but after 6 months im allowed to appeal. like listen honestly i think looking back i was super retarded too to even create a possibility of me getting banned but i definitely learnt from my mistakes. i wont be sending no aggressive dms like that to anyone ever again even as a joke.

C: What if you were to enter a mumble with him in it? Would you keep that same energy as you are talking about this now?

g: id probably just local mute him tbh, hes not really worth my time u know?

C: Yes I understand.

g: like listen fam if Catalyst is trying to start some shit with me then go ahead but mans not gonna pay attention u get me?

C: Damn. Ignoring the haters. I get that. Speaking as a Coach here, let me tell you the best revenge is success. But I'll continue: do you feel the punishment the admins served you

[Image: 200624-Tekashi-6ix9ine-900x506.png]
pictured: galaxy spy POV when he sees Catalyst "the snitch"

g: definitely not. 6 months is ridiculous but as i said again: its rgl. they do things different. not once have i ever encountered an online league deliver bans and punish so harshly in my life of like any game [i didnt edit this sentence because i thought it was funny]

C: Do you play any other online games competitively?

g: yea i guess so fam

C: Like what?

g: overwatch sometimes. i just got back into cs. thats about it. mans laptop is not exactly the type to be able to run too many games u know. its always like above 80 degrees celcius and has a 60hz monitor, so not the best but i do with what i have

C: Ah okay, I didn't know you played Overwatch competitively. That's cool to hear. Are you LFT Open in CSGO as well or whichever division you are in?

g: i dont play online league like cs. just ingame comp to learn how to actually play the game. cuz mans only good with the AWP. i dont know how to use grenades and shit. actually hold up watch this clip [REDACTED]

C: Okay I may have misinterpreted that. You saying the online league implied you played in other leagues as well. What rank are you in Csgo?

g: im silver 3 but i dont play much or like grind rarely. only with people in the galaxy discord. im almost platinum in overwatch but i did leave a couple games today so i dont know what my sr is at anymore.

C: What # ELO is platinum? I don't know anything about Overwatch but I did land past 3k on my first try. Not an accomplishment at all since every tf2 player lands past 3k easily.

g: plat is 2500 and above. the game is kinda dead right now so its hard to climb. alot of shitter ball mains and like throwing lucios. honestly playing in gold and getting out of gold is like harder than playing in masters solo queueing

C: Don't disrespect Flu walrus. But let me continue here: in the admins shoes what would you have done if you were to encounter your situation? Say you're an admin and you're supposed to handle a case where someone discord messages threatening the victim with a bomb threat. And the victim feels threatened to the point where they'd like to report it to you. I don't know Catalyst at all, but I'd like to think that both him and the admin treated this situation very seriously.

g: i would have asked secretly satan to show the discord like deleted messages and things i dont know what its called anymore and check to see if what i said is true. i wouldve definitely investigated more. i dont know Catalyst either but hes a pussio

C: Damn. You really have it out for Catalyst.

g: nah im only saying what others have told me about it. literally didnt hear another word from him. actually thats not true. someone told me hes god awful on soldier but i mean people talk shit. its not necessarily true.

C: Interesting. Do you think the league is the one who truly got punished in this situation by not allowing you to play and display your full potential thus increasing the competitiveness? Like RGL is missing out on what could've been the Galaxy Spy

g: to be honest coach i think my reputation may have stopped me from getting the recognition i deserve before RGL did u know?

C: No I don't know.

g: like maybe if mans come back in season 8 and just tries to play things will change but who knows. i think so far ive been more respected over time. like people recognize my ability in pugs when theres no trolling for the most part. there will always be haters who will talk shit no matter the situation, but you gotta ignore them because they boutta get farmed next u know?

C: Damn okay okay. Sayin you farmed a few pugs? Let me see those logs Galaxy. 

g: i guess i have the highest pug wins of all time

C: I know you have them bookmarked.

g: no i dont do that gay shit. i mean ur free to check my logs. i personally dont care.

C: Yeah I don't care enough either. Moving on...

There seems to be many spies: the Happy Spy, the Theoretical Spy, the Evil Spy, the Dimensional Spy and even a Spy with a U to name a few. How do you, the Galaxy Spy, differentiate yourself from the crowd? What makes you different from the rest?

g: um thats an odd question innit. i mean i guess i outperform the enemy spy?

C: You from the UK Galaxy Spy?

[Image: 65476A94B9F74AAF3B513E05C67FEDB69D6BAEBF]
pictured: #mcm engineer Yipyapper whipping out the infinity gauntlet midmatch against HL titan Arzt Hispanian

g: nope

C: Oh. Just wondering. Do you always outperform every Spy you play against?

g: well not always. no one does always. not even manbug. but id say a majority of the time.

C: Damn. I hope to whoever decides to read this interview checks your logs. What do you think of yourself skillwise? Where do you think you would be if you weren't banned?

g: currently i dont think its my skill level holding me back. its more just me clearing my rep then i can move forward. like even the thanos pugs i heard someone tell me Dimento thinks id do fine but apparently people wanna leave if i join and he doesnt wanna risk that. but to me it doesnt make sense because the same invite players are in the other pugs and play and dont leave and are usually fine with me. i mean ofc there are some invite players like Spu who dont add up to the other pugs but that doesnt count because i dont value much of what he says u know? anyway i gotta admit though sometimes i let my ego get the better of me and i sperg out when i do something insane but im trying to control myself.

C: In the future, do you see yourself not only making your mark in HL but in Spy history as well? Perhaps be grated a seat on the next Spy Roundtable?

g: see i dont care for all that spy stuff. im not theoretical spy who has like 100000 hours on the class and studies truckstabs. im just here havin fun playin whatever class and just working on my attitude

C: Okay okay I respect that. Perhaps through this interview people see you in a different light rather than Galaxy Spy the RGL menace. When I first posted the Coachs Corner on the forums, right from the get go you were a fan favourite to get interviewed. It seems like you have a fanclub. Can you comment on that?

g: i was extremely stupid and dumb and naive and had an ego i couldnt back up for the most part so people liked making fun of me.

C: And it just built up to this sort of obsession people have with you?

g: i guess so blood

C: Where do you live Galaxy Spy?

g: nah next question

C: im asking because you said blood. are you from the suburbs or

g: LOL nah i call everyone that. or bruv or yute. it varies; i live in Canada.

C: me too. are you from Toronto?

g: nope im from [REDACTED]

C: ok ok im the last person to talk about someones vernacular anyway so. Do you have the Galaxy skin in fortnite?

g: i dont play that game and i dont know what that is, so no.

C: I'm looking at your steam profile: who or what group are you referring to in your description?

[Image: galaxy.PNG]
pictured: galaxy spy's steam profile description

g: ah yeah that's a song lyric

C: I'd like to know what you're up to outside of TF2 Galaxy Spy. Who you are outside of the moniker. Describe your life: what do you do outside of TF2? Any hobbies? Activities you partake in? What's on your mind?

g: right now shits pretty dead. i see my irl friends like once a week. i got a new job after applying to 50 places and i used to play soccer but corona.

C: Damn good for you.

g: yea mans a waiter/busser/support. i kinda do everything. the official description is like front of house support cuz im not 19. not legally allowed to serve alcohol yet so. they had to create a job for me i guess. i like set tables host guests and run food. thats my main job. i kinda do prep stuff for the night bar but yea its good money and fun too. but it gets hella hot out so it gets tiring.

C: Damn I'm happy for you. You gotta start somewhere. Only losers hate on peoples jobs. Listen, at the end of the day if you pay your bills and take care of your people it don't matter what type of job you're doing.

g: for sure. i like to listen to music alot too.

C: What type of music?

g: like specifically north london rappers

C: Yeah I thought so. All right we're gonna do a segment where I post some pictures and I want to know your thoughts.
[Image: 0336DE10DB31601F3C3791E1E131A8B1FA8119E6]

g: it looks sick. i like it, i would have that as a poster in my room.

[Image: 7BE0A781D1DFB7CE87F6523DA9FDD4F459FC1750]

g: slightly confused about this one. its kinda edgy. kinda odd. i mean the art is good i guess but i dont get it.

[Image: 0E7EABA61D238CFA2EED0BB24D34171AC4D6973C]

g: i like this one. martin luther king the GOAT.

[the raccoon picture]

g: no comment. that shit is odd. thats all im gonna say.

C: All right lets get to our reader submitted questions. From Abra Goin' Ham Lincoln: What is your favourite fruit?

g: Mango

C: From norf norf: when is your bedtime?

g: i dont have one currently but i try to sleep around 12-1ish. who is norf norf

C: hes a wasteman. From tua: What do you think is holding you back as a player? How will you get the recognition you deserve?

g: as i touched on i think its mostly my rep. obviously if i get a computer with a good monitor ill automatically get better mechanically but its like 95% rep. i think if i keep playing and just doing well eventually ill get more respect

C: From jel: What were the instructions on the package you were going to send to Catalyst?

g: LOL none in mind. i didnt have any. it was a joke no actual intention there.

[Image: a16f16b79ae33d5bc99491506ca5c4d3.jpg]
pictured: dimento on pyro

C: Dimento has a series of questions for you: Why do you want to be in Thanos Pugs so badly?

g: because the others tend to troll alot and arent as serious

C: What steps might you take to try to get into Thanos pugs

g: farm Dimento enough that he will notice me more (also not act like a retard which is his primary concern)

C: Damn sayin you would lay Dimento out if he played against you in a Pug ?

g: i mean its spy vs sniper. not much he can do unless its a troll pug.

C: What if he played Pyro? He's beastly at that.

g: i have played against his pyro before. not a big deal.

C: Do you believe you are better than more than half of the people currently playing in  Thanos pugs?

g: uhhh depends on the class. obviously there arent a lot of spy mains in those pugs. so on spy yea im probably better than some of them. other classes idk. thats a hard question to answer.

C: if you cannot get into Thanos pugs, will you try and ddos or poach players from Thanos pugs for a new pug discord

g: so listen man i just wanna address this: people thought i ddosed the hlpugs server but thing is man dont even know what ddos stands for and my pugs are unsuccessful so theres no way im gonna poach anything

C: Noted. Is Thanos pugs your entire purpose in life, why or why not?

g: no like i said; thanos pugs is a way for me to have fun. at the end of the day if Dimento doesnt understand that i will not ruin his pugs or even give me a chance to show him then it is what it is. its my motto: it is what it is and it aint what it aint.

C: Okay, from wish: name the invite spies who you aspire to be like

g: manbug. hes the only 1. hes the reason i started hl. i watched his frag movie and i was like "imma try this". i also met him and hes super charismatic and funny. he also does take the game seriously.

g: man takes showers on spy unironically.

C: i dont know what that means and i think i dont want to know.

g: its sad that he doesnt play anymore but it is what it is.

C: from taOW hunter: why do you leave mid-scrim when you wanna ring and have you gone through 1 tf2 game without complaining about the enemy not standing still? We're definitely gonna need context here.

g: I don't know who that is.

C: He also asked: when will you become an advanced player and be on a team for a full season?

g: nah fam thats a waste of time. real wasteman right there tryna be funny. next question.

C: Question from Gramps: why the laptop? Again, need some context.

g: ey man its a struggle. i didnt have a choice. mans parents got divorced so obviously i need to bring a laptop house to house. but i havent lived with my dad in a long time so i mean i could buy a computer when i get enough money.

C: And this is a question alot of people have been asking: what is your plan to become an invite level spy?

g: keep grinding, get unbanned, try out for teams and hope for the best fam

Thank you very much to Galaxy Spy for being the first person on Coachs Corner and more importantly thanks to everyone who participated and read this far into it. Feel free to post people that you want to see get interviewed for #2. Everyone who was nominated in #1 will be carried over into #2 with the exception of Galaxy of course. I will post in more detail tommorow hopefully, and the deadline to nominate someone into the strawpoll will be tommorow evening at 9 or 10EST

Also feel free to post suggestions of what you want to see in future interviews, post criticism post hate, etc. I'll read it and put it in consideration. Thank you to Carcin & Pablo for help with this as well.

Also a reminder that I'd prefer interviewing someone currently playing at the top level but again I'll interview what the people want.
much respect to the galaxy spy for laying it all out, the highs and the lows
big ups to coach bucks for conducting this interview
i believe it was nardwuar who said that the interviewers job is to make the interviewee look interesting, and the coach did an outstanding job of that here
looking forward to the next Coach's Corner
interview wish pls
Man's doing gods work

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