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coachs corner (interviews)
beast interview
i actually really like galaxy. man's my fellow blood.
without him, i would've stayed a last place medic stuck in main, but galaxy had faith in me.
Why was my name spelled taOW hunter?
(07-31-2020, 06:51 AM)TAoW Hunter Wrote: Why was my name spelled taOW hunter?

i dont know
all right i almost missed my deadline but im bless i didnt miss it


cutoff will be sometime tommorow idk
vote ghost
[Image: poll.PNG]

congratulations to ghost!

all reader submitted questions should be posted here or if you want to be anonymous or give them a surprise question feel free to add me. same rules as last time with this: dont cross the line, but also u miss 100% of the shots u dont take so the worst thing i can say is no or ignore it.

the deadline for questions will be sunday morning but i have a feeling that ghost is running on anime hours so basically whenever he is available to be contacted and interviewed. id like to be proven wrong anyhow.
ok I have a question for ghost, how can you justify vommiting mid match and not pausing or anything and letting it sit there for 20 minutes? Is the match so important that you're willing to disregard any and all preconceived notions of personal hygiene?
for ghost:

you've become notorious for doing weird and stupid shit both in and out of game, and your "reputation" has suffered for it. i know that's something you would like to improve, so how do you plan to do so?
while i dont have a problem with the questions being posted right now, i just want to say that im not going to ask the interviewee questions that have the sole intention of bullying them. im not about that. if you feel you have a good question, but may seem kinda mean or your question is mean but you truly feel the need to ask them that still feel free to add me and i will help you word your question in a way that isnt mean.

again i dont have a problem with the two questions above my post and i will ask them that; i just wanted to let everyone know going forward.
for ghost: give us a run down of what you do on a normal day
for ghost: what is your favorite food to prepare and eat?
why do we keep interviewing spy mains, spy mains aren't interesting and they're all the same person (except me)
(08-01-2020, 04:48 PM)Dimento.knd Wrote: why do we keep interviewing spy mains, spy mains aren't interesting and they're all the same person (except me)

Can we interview Dimento next
if u win the strawpoll i will interview you period...

but u arent wrong tho
three of them
for ghost:
Who's another spy in advanced you respect a lot? Can you do a spy ranking for advanced? You don't need to include yourself if you're worried that people will give you shit for not putting yourself at last some stupid cringe shit like that.
ghost whats the move next season fam you made it to playoffs but do you have any idea what s7 will look like
plug walk
ghost has been dealing with some stuff at the moment so the interview will be posted tommorow. feel free to post more questions. sorry for the inconvenience.
ghost whos ur favourite tf2 player

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