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Advanced /invite(?) sniper
not entirely sure if I want to play next season, getting this out there just in case  Smile

had a very successful debut season in adv, currently 1st seed for playoffs

finally getting an opportunity to main I have learned so much and am still improving each week

not sure if I am good enough to play inv yet, but I would definitely appreciate an opportunity to try out for a team to see how I do

otherwise I would be down to sub considering I am getting back into cs

hmu on discord: whalemart#8385
whalemart came out of no where imo, I had never heard about him until he was playing on a top adv team. mans a beast.
oh my god whalemart is crazy with it. i would love to see this guy in invite. hard worker, great friend, amazing player.
sneaking suspicions he suffers from hair loss irl
whalemart has been a fun rival for me ever since i started playing competitive, he's a great sniper that just keeps getting better and better every season.
He puts in the hours to improve and is a super chill and fun teammate. He's arguably the best sniper in advanced and fucks against pretty much everyone in the div
He's definitely the best passive sniper in the div. He values his life and knows if he dies his team is losing an advantage. Let him hold a sightline and you're absolutely fucked. He has the fastest reaction time of any sniper I've ever played against (it's legit like 150ms lmao), his crosshair placement is solid, his comms are excellent (gives you enough to work with, but never clutters), and his svs skills are fucking ridiculous, it takes some serious voodoo magic and hours of demo reviews for my team to not get completely demolished every time, and even then he usually top frags and gets 400+ dpm.
He's a hard-worker and a big inspiration to me. If I could pick any sniper in the world to be sniping on the same team as me, it'd be whalemart. Give him a tryout!
whalemart is nutty, does consistently well throughout every scrim and match.
texas slim dome shine
tv walmart wtf
kinda pog
whalemart playing in Invite can be dubious, but he is a great pickup in Advanced!
Rise Above, from the CAF Red Tail Squadron.
I fear this man. Sad
(07-30-2020, 04:37 PM)MAF Wrote: whalemart playing in Invite can be dubious, but he is a great pickup in Advanced!

literally who are you
gonna have to request ur demos...
im fuckign COOL.
( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)╭∩╮
good guy pick him up
hi =)
Great sniper but better engineer prospect Wink
Pick him up, hes a fragger and is willing to improve

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