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Advanced rairai lft soldier
Hi, I'm rairai. Older players know me as raiden. I used to play Spy for Bv in Platinum, took some time off to play other games (OW and Quake, mainly), and just played a season of Soldier in Advanced and had a lot of fun. 

I prefer my Friday nights off and will not play with any team that uses bigoted language.
consistently did well whenever we played against them, good soldier and def worth tryouts
im fuckign COOL.
I'd like to play flank with him again, so it kinda goes without saying I have a high opinion of his soldier. Even so, I thought raiden was extremely good at the class for his literal first season playing it competitively. If he's already good enough for advanced first season on the class, he's only gonna get better from here!
good soldier and fun to play against :3
bump, quarantine is mind numbing and still interested in trying out as soldier
Very good soldier try him out!
Very good player and teammate <3

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