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Username Change Request Name Change
Could you change my name to just Inquisition?

Also If Team Leader and Verified are tags I can get in the forums, I'd like them.

Heres my team: https://rgl.gg/Public/Team.aspx?t=6673&r=24

and here's my profile: https://rgl.gg/Public/PlayerProfile.aspx...60530&r=24
simple, really
Name updated.

Unfortunately team leader roles were removed from the forums....like 2 seasons ago. the main purpose of them was to allow posting in the team leaders forum. That forum has since been deleted due to inactivity and the roles along with it.Lastly, the forums themselves do not have any type of verification system. The new forums however are going to be tied to your RGL account, so as long as you are verified on RGL that is all that really matters.

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