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cp_scourge (Attack/Defend)
Hey all,

I decided I wanted to change things up a bit for my next map after cp_villa, so here is cp_scourge, a dynamic 4CP Steel-style Attack/Defend map. I actually designed it with 6v6 gameplay in mind, but I could see it being played in Prolander and maybe Highlander, though it's sized a bit small for HL. I figured I should post a feedback thread here now that I'm considering play outside of 6v6.

Map Information
Download: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/scourge.9673/
Latest Version: B4
[Image: cp_scourge_b40000-jpg.134651]
The main differences between this map and cp_steel are that 
A) it's only 4cp
B) D unlocks after A is capped 
C) A is holdable
D) Instead of last being a point over a deathpit with bridges that move towards it, the last point itself moves down from the ceiling as points are captured

There are more complex changes that happen overtime on the map, listed on the download page above.

I appreciate any and all feedback people have on the map.
1st thing I can say before even booting the map is I would change the snow for grass
what the hell am i doing here?
(08-23-2020, 07:37 PM)Gobitoe Wrote: 1st thing I can say before even booting the map is I would change the snow for grass

If you’re concerned about performance, I’m using custom snow textures that act like grass and don’t create any particle effects when you walk on them. Switching to grass won’t change anything about performance. If this is just an aesthetics opinion, I’m not interested in changing the texture since it’s a core part of the map’s visuals.
[Image: 20200824170509_1.jpg]
[Image: 20200824170727_1.jpg]

wtf this map rocks

[Image: 20200824171335_1.jpg][Image: 20200824171304_1.jpg?width=996&height=560]

nvm this map blows
ill try it hopefully it's not as flawed as villa
(08-25-2020, 01:14 AM)Minty Wrote: ill try it hopefully it's not as flawed as villa

You have no 6s experience on your RGL profile other than the Yomps cup...And Villa wasn't played during that either...
B3 Update

- Minor texture changes
- Added caution tape texture to the nobuild area on D
- Added a slow gate entrance from lobby into the room that opens up after C is captured

Here's a diagram I made to explain the map's logic
[Image: TiBTFm6.png]
yo thats sick man nice work
Very unique concept, I like it in theory at least. I'll try it out in 6s pugs
It has a cool look! It'd be awesome to get another Attack/Defend that can be as good as steel
hell yeah more map diversity
yeah i run reserve shooter
B4 Update

- Added way more signs to indicate doors that open after a point is captured, one-way doors, etc.
- Some texture changes
- Turned the medium ammopack on B into a small one, added a full ammopack nearby to help engineers setup faster after A is captured
- Redesigned the area directly between A and B: removed fences and replaced them with other objects, adjusted some walls and displacements
- Added a new exit from BLU spawn onto B that opens up slowly when A is captured
- Closed off BLU house on A with a gate that can only be opened by BLU team only and slightly adjusted geometry there
- Changed respawn times to be less punishing for defense (the longest respawn wave time is now 12 seconds, which is the same as the longest wave time on cp_steel)
- Reduced last capture time from 50 sec to 46 sec

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