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Advanced LFT Spy
Hey guys, found out I can play next season and want to play my main. I am available friday and saturday nights for scrim, but not sundays.

UGC HL exp:

s17 steel NADH, spy and leader (4-4)

s18 steel 9AM, spy and leader (6-3)
s19 silver 9AM, spy and leader (6-4)
s20 gold 9AM, spy and leader (4-4)
s21 silver 9AM, engineer (week 1-6), spy (week 7+) and leader (9-3, 2nd place)
s22 platinum 9AM, spy and leader (2-5 or some shit, troll team

I also subbed quite regularly last season for F2P in main, we finished 2nd place.

I am open to play other classes if it comes to it but I really want to play my main this season.

Cheers and good luck this season!
9AM Lunean (9AM Lunean)
plug walk
lunean called me the n word then murdered my family
(01-08-2019, 03:46 PM)spu Wrote: lunean called me the n word then murdered my family

spu thats not what happened i called your family the n word and then murdered you
he won like 4 Oscars for best spy
Where is the epic bugs team within that team history lunean,
Im so pissed man you do me like that ;.;. IM SO MAAAAAD!!!

For real tho great spy, great egnis. Great player.
sorry blue it was a good season i just forgot ugc existed after 9am xd
9AM Lunean
hello! dont add me for forum issues, use PM instead
no longer lft

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