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Open Looking for some chill teammates (Subs)
Hello! My name is Song/Songei.
In the process of forming a great team. Great comms is key and looking to play a good season of HL.
We've got very competent players and are looking for some strong candidates to complete our lineup. Seriously, some major chemistry happening...
Looking for players who can scrim at least 1-2 times per week + 1 map review.

Kudos if you: 
-have played HL with previous comp experience
-are reliable
-have a working mic
-not green or toxic

Classes needed:

Please add me on steam asap if you're interested in chatting:

"Not green"??
Yes. Happily accepting purple and pink people.
Brand new team... You know you want to join. We've got some good teamwork baking. I will send you virtual cookies.

Seeking starters for:
We have a full roster! Gg. Add me if you'd like to sub.

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