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Tuesday Night Bans and Invite Structure Changes
[Image: rgls2.png]

Banner made by rain


The following players have been caught cheating by the RGL team and will be banned for one year:

These bans were enacted before this week and the players were not allowed to play in the week 1 match.

Backspawn Exploits

In certain maps, players can use the loadout bind to intentionally get back to their own spawn from the enemy spawn. This is a map exploit and will not be permitted.

If there are cases of this being abused, then punishments will be issued accordingly.

Invite Changes

In RGL Highlander, Invite is our premier division that features the best talent that the format has to offer. As stated in part 1 of our Season 2 structure plan, the idea was to have an 8 team Invite with a 7-week regular season. This is a change from Season 1, where the division hosted a double round-robin with ten weeks of regular season play.

However, recently, with teams disbanding under the Invite division, we were forced to fix the scheduling issues in the division. This is because Invite would have possibly more than two bye-weeks, which is not healthy for the division if we want to maintain the competitive nature of the division. We are forced with several options that we are going to go through with after week 1.

Going forward in week 2 and onwards, the following changes will be enacted on the Invite division:

  • Invite will now be a 5-week regular season
  • Week 3 will be a Ashville/Lakeside week. Teams will play both maps in a best of 5 (first to 3 rounds) during a single match. The match will be worth 3 match points.
  • Roster locks for Invite will happen on February 5th (day after the Week 4 Match).

Weeks 6 and 7 will be wildcard weeks:

  • Week 6 will be played on pl_swiftwater and it will be for seeds #5 and #6
  • Week 7 will be the winner of the Week 6 match vs #4 in a Bo3 (teams will pick out of 7 maps)

Weeks 8, 9, and 10 will be the playoffs between the top 3 and the wild card winner.


http://hl.rgl.gg/Public/Articles/Default.aspx?a=1183 (League Article)
I'm excited to see how week 3 ends up going. I believe the way ETF2L does their koth is pretty unique and hopefully it's well received in NA which would give us a good method to introduce more maps.
I like the changes for Invite, it's a really creative way to adapt to the current situation. I'm also looking forward to the wildcard weeks, those sound super fun.
interesting format. idk how i feel about 4/6 teams skipping swiftwater week AND seeds 1-3 getting 2 bye weeks.
thank you for addressing the backspawn glitch
Updated article to include:

Quote:Roster locks for Invite will happen on February 5th (day after the Week 4 Match).

This is also updated in the banner on the main site.

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