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Intermediate Salty Tears |Looking for Sniper Sub (Top IM)
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At the moment we need a player to fill in on Sunday scrims. Team is currently 2-0 and third place on standings. We are in the process of improving to perform the best possible, and would benefit greatly from a consistent sub for the days our main cannot attend.

Current Mains:

Demo: dave
Engineer: The Orangutan
Heavy: Nurkz
Medic: Juss
Pyro: Dapperr
Scout: Manslaughter
Sniper: Be My Private Dancer
Soldier: Joey Lemons
Spy: Mann

Active Subs include:
Skorp (Played Weeks 1 & 2 as Medic)
Dottie (Engie/flank Sub)
Hellcat (Played Week 2 as Scout)
Raptoir (Played Weeks 1 & 2 as Pyro)

Contact me through Steam or through Discord at Skorp#1575

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