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Future of New Maps & Map Pool Discussion
what about the previous seasons
(03-06-2019, 05:42 PM)dope Wrote: what about the previous seasons

s16 we beat them, s18 they had a cheating sniper ringing and we didn't have our maincaller, s23 we weren't really that good that season because it was a reform with new players and was our first season together, s25 see above

I was not on knd any other seasons
I'll preface this by saying this, I'm not a high level player. My team is in IM. But truthfully, I think we need more a/d maps. Sure payload is a fun gamemode and koth can have it's moments, but I believe that there is a ton of potential in a/d.

I also really enjoy having cp_steel in the rotation. cp_steel promotes having good team coordination, and isn't a map carried by dm. I think more strategy based maps would be very good for highlander.

I think that vanguard was fine in the cup tbh. Though my team rolled the map so it may be a bit biased. We figured out quickly sniper was a very important class and we decided to whip the sniper to mid instead of heavy (me). I enjoyed it nonetheless. This map also encourages quick pushes/back outs. If you can't back out in time you loss second and most likely last.

Just some thoughts from your local IM player. It's not much, but it's what I can provide. I do think having some insight from lower level players isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm not a veteran, but it's still another thought process. Smile

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