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Advanced LFT sniper/spy/scout/demo
i play all of the classes listed above pretty well in HL

5th in season 3 IM as sniper, which is my first season back playing the game since like ugc S21

i could compete in high level HL as sniper and scout, spy and demo less so but still pretty good

sniper/scout ideally in advanced/main and spy/demo in anything lower

add me

i'm open to playing any of those classes in ANY div, higher or lower, i'm just placing my skill level in them approximately
I love pov, super good player and a blast to hang out with!! Super good!
pov pounds
Le Bumping Face
Added you on steam
what the hell am i doing here?
added you on steam
bump still lft
bump up epic!!!
good player
beast mode
im fuckign COOL.
actually a farmer, carried me in season 3 and can do the same for you Smile
decent to okay aim
play main

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