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Season 2 - Week 4 Predictions
Welcome to RGL Highlander Season 2.

This is Week 4. Invite will play pl_borneo and other divisions will play pl_swiftwater.

(Best of 3) (exec rgl_hl_stopwatch)

Week 4 Matches
RGL.gg Season 2 League Team Spreadsheet
Roster Transactions

Good luck and have fun!
rewind > fl
empire >= spaceforce, probably empire wins but i think spaceforce may be able to
knd > ff, wax n00b

amicita > f2p
super handsome > b&h
meat heads > g2b, this could actually be a really good match, depends on who plays for both teams
ts bye week
plug walk
Rewind > fl
Empire > space
KND > ff

Amicita > F2P
Shit > bh
Meat > g2b
-transexuals- bye
Rewind > The Flow
Empire >= Space Force
KND > Fast Forward

Amicita Nova > F2P, could actually be a close match depending on what happens, strategy wise.
SHIT = BHWhite gl hf
Meat Heads > g2b
-ts- > bye team #1, bye team has the coordination advantage but they cant possibly hope to win Swift-water after losing 3 straight weeks in a row.
A second-class Chinese legend who doesn't know when to give it his all.

Tgw #back in Africa
Kinda new to this so dont freak out me if im 100% wrong (@Cloud)

ami>f2p, 2-0, inso and sei have already been established as top adv players but players like catalyst and micahlele shouldn't be slept on
BHW > SHIT, 2-1, Like before the season I would've thought that SHIT would win this matchup any day but BH White has been surprising and I think they can win this, but I think that its going to be so close that it could go either way
Meat Heads > g2b, 2-1, g2b has a lot of 6s players that have esea so this will be pretty dependent of how many mains show up

-ts- blows lol
Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
Rewind > fl
Empire < _4ce.
FF = knd
im going to kill that etney fella
Rewind > Flow 2-0
Empire > Space Force 2-0 
Dimento > Spu  2-0 

Meat Heads > Advanced

Someone ring me for their match
succ me 

Meat Heads > GB 2-1
depends on who decides to hit things, i think MH wins tho

Ami > F2P 2-1
nova is a more well oiled machine than F2P, but I anticipate flare whipping one out on this, it's more of just "will his team comply"
"local man gives flare too much credit, team gets rolled"

SHIT - B&H glhf
enemy spotted

TS < Bye Week #1
cloud shudders at the mere thought of playing this powerhouse team
sorry this meme is dead


jebus > main
reality is a construct and we're all living in the matrix controlled by sentient cups of water harvesting our natural moisture from themselves
(02-01-2019, 03:30 PM)BM Wrote: Dimento > Spu  2-0 

This is the only metric that matters

I'll ban myself from HLpugs for 3 months if I lose to spu, god I hope I lose so I can ban myself now
i am demoman
(02-02-2019, 01:39 AM)Dimento.knd Wrote:
(02-01-2019, 03:30 PM)BM Wrote: Dimento > Spu  2-0 

This is the only metric that matters

I'll ban myself from HLpugs for 3 months if I lose to spu, god I hope I lose so I can ban myself now

please do it anyways
Pls don't hurt my feelings
[Image: cat.png]
jebus preds yet again


Buzz. = NKB glhf

Bear hoovy > Swift inc 2-1 match could swing depending on if swift's pyro stays with the combo and their flank pulls a fragerino

BnH > Home Depot 2-1 coordination map favors coordination team, Home Depot could pull a W if they just outdm hard in a round

Twitch.tv/saturationtf2 > Riot 2-1 aycore pickup is fat, cl4ys existence can make it close

ASS ASS ins > clearer comms 2-0 i believe in the coldsterfarm
DEAD autumn :  why are you a butt ugly indian kid

get bmed idiot

i rage quit a match :3
Lol the joke is that bye week isn't a team it's just a free win, so he humorously predicted that we would lose, despite it being impossible lol I'm rofling rn about to pee my pants oh shoot I just soiled my undergarments whoops
plug walk
rewind > fl
empire > spaceforce,
knd > ff,

amicita > f2p, 2-1, i feel like f2p will get a round but will not win
super handsome > b&h, 2-0
G2b> meatheads, 2-1, idk

Buzz. > NKB, 2-0,
Bear hoovy > Swift inc 2-1, i can see this going either way
BH = Home Depot , glhf
riot> saturation, 2-1, saturations team looks relly strong but i like the clay, gobi combo, could go either way
ASS ASS ins > clearer comms 2-0, idk tbh
Stfu cloud
rewind > glue 2-0
the empire < tacos lovechild 1-2
knd > ff 2-0

amicitia nova > forty-two pence 2-0
shit < b&h white 0-2
meat heads > gotta blast 2-1

bees > nkb 2-0
b&h < home depot 1-2 could go either way
my team is going to lose
jebus>nkb 2-0
although never knows best has been surprisingly good this season, jebus is the team to beat in main, i dont see nkb getting a round here
bear hoovy>swift 2-1
this can really go either way, bear hoovy picked up tacos on pyro which should be a solid improvement, but swifts superior coordination could easily win it for them
home depot>bnh 2-1
anpther close match that either team can win
holy assasins vs clearer comms
im gonna have to pass on this one

main is actually looking pretty close this season, all of the top 7 teams have been beating each other in scrims, any team can take it
jebus is the team to beat right now though

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