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Server config network settings
Wanted to recommend a series of small changes to the RGL server config.

Current settings
//Network Settings        
sv_client_cmdrate_difference    "30"
sv_client_max_interp_ratio    "1"
sv_client_min_interp_ratio    "1"
sv_client_predict        "1"
sv_maxrate            "100000"
sv_maxupdaterate            "66"
sv_maxcmdrate            "66"
sv_mincmdrate            "50"
sv_minrate            "1500"
sv_minupdaterate        "50"
New Settings
//Network Settings        
sv_client_cmdrate_difference    "1"
sv_client_max_interp_ratio    "3"
sv_client_min_interp_ratio    "1"
sv_client_predict        "1"
sv_maxrate            "200000"
sv_maxupdaterate        "66"
sv_maxcmdrate            "66"
sv_mincmdrate            "50"
sv_minrate            "20000"
sv_minupdaterate        "50"

Reason for changes

sv_client_cmdrate_difference was 30 now 1
Their's no reason for a player to use a cmdrate that's off by more than 1 from their updaterate and 30 isn't even possible given the mincmdrate 50 and maxupdaterate 66 which is only a difference of 16.

sv_client_max_interp_ratio was 1 now 3
Allows for better interpolation, unfortunately we can't set a max total interpolation (due to no way of capping cl_interp and only being able to cap the ratio) but capping max_interp_ratio to 1 is definitely overkill. The reason for 3 specifically is because for people with relatively bad net connection they wouldn't have an insane interp based off of the value of 3 even if using update and cmd rates of 50 as that would only have about 60ms of lerp, this should be flexible enough for nearly all potential players within a defined region and wouldn't be so high that it could be seen as abuse.

sv_maxrate was 100000 now 200000
honestly I was tempted to recommend "0" so clients could use the max possible for TF2, but in the off chance 18 users are using ~400000 for rate that's approximately 32Mbps of traffic for a server and may not play well with some server providers.

sv_minrate was 1500 now 20000
Albeit I picked the new number a bit arbitrarily the old value of 1500 is rediculously low, by default the minimum is 3500 which in itself is also exceptionally low. For reference dialup users would be able to get away with at maximum 7000. Not sure why a league that has rules on players lagging would be using minrate meant for sub dialup speeds. players using these really low settings may appear to lag a lot. Especially so at 1500. 20000 is also used by ETF2L and is both high enough that players shouldn't be accessively laggy and low enough players with sub 512Kb upload speeds should still be able to play.

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