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Main bunnie lft kinda anything
hi i'm bunnie but a lot of people call me by my name ellie so u probably know me as that.

i played some ugc silver back in the day and i played im medic in rgl s1 and i was playing medic on shit hl in s2. unfortunately, medic is a terrible class so yeah lol.

the title says main but i'm gonna make a list of everything i'll play in any div and u can see if u could use me
invite - soldier, medic
advanced - scout, soldier, demo
main - scout, soldier, demo, sniper, spy
im - scout, sniper, spy
open - sniper, spy (they probably wouldn't let me play this div)

hit me up if u want me to play, if you want me to sub i'm probably just gonna stay on shit hl.

kk bye Big Grin
hey medic isnt that bad
i met cloud in person
really epic
plug walk

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