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Forum Updates
  • swapped page numbers and post thread buttons to draw attention to the filters, specifically "prefix" filtering
A reminder regarding LFT and LFP posts. There are posting guidelines for each located in the root of both forums. Here is a copy pasta of the LFT Posting Guidelines as a reminder.

(11-24-2018, 05:39 AM)exa_ | hl.rgl.gg Wrote: Looking for Team posts are recommended for returning players looking to join a new team.


Remember to choose a division prefix in the "Subject" area if you are looking for a team in a single division. If you do this, it will make it much easier for people to see what division you are looking to play in.

The title/subject of an LFT post should be marked with the division you wish to play in under "Thread Subject" and the specific classes you are looking for.

(Division Subject Prefix) [Alias] - [Class Preference]

Example titles:
  • Advanced - mothership808 - Engineer
  • Main - Aad - Scout
Post (should include all of the following if applicable)
  • Whether you want to main or substitute
  • What you are aiming for this season (playoffs, going even [4-4], etc)
  • What days you plan to scrim
  • Voice service (Mumble/Discord)
  • Player link/past competitive experience
  • Steam profile link for contact
My example post would look like:

Open - "Pendulum2342" - Soldier
Quote: Wrote:Hello, I am looking for a new Highlander team to compete in RGL Open this upcoming season. I am looking to play on an open team that can make playoffs. I can make scrimmages on the weekends on Saturday/Sunday 8:30 & 9:30pm eastern including the pregame @ 8:30pm eastern on Mondays. I also have Mumble for comms, but can use Discord if needed.
Competitive Experience:
S1 RGL HL - Open - [size=medium]Show 'em the Pine (3-4)
S5 RGL Prolander - Open - Testing Team (2-5)

If you are interested, contact me here for tryouts: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/11111111111111

What Division should I apply for?

The open division is open to players with experience levels from Steel to people who are completely new to the competitive scene.

Intermediate is recommended for players who are decently experienced with a couple of seasons of competitive played and the basics down. Skill range of UGC Low-Silver

Main is recommended for players who the following experience levels. Skill range of UGC Mid-Silver. Players here are moderately experienced and are on the road of being able to play in Advanced and Invite.

Advanced is recommended for players who have a lot of experience. Skill range of UGC High-Silver.

You should have Platinum level experience to join this division. Players here are considered to be the best that Highlander has to offer.

To find division specific posts only, use the prefix search tool located at the bottom of the sub-forum.
[Image: YFxDCC6.png]

Then select the division you wish for posts to show from that division only.
[Image: bsCB8Nk.png]
  • Fixed users not being able to delete their own threads
  • Fixed users not being able to delete their own posts
Added new LFT and LFP specific forum rules. These rules are posted at the top of all of the recruitment forums and will be shown when you create replies as well.

[Image: 6BAqmav.png]
Changed the Open prefix to Amateur

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