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Forum Updates
Any notable site updates will be posted here.
Yea the site is broken on iOS 12.1. We're working to fix it right now.
Yay! Sizing issues are now fixed on Firefox and iOS!
  • We have added a warning to guests on the forum that our steam login feature pulls your Avatar & Username from steam when you first register.
  • Fixed the "recent threads" sidebar to show threads from all the forums but off-topic
  • added an Index link to the forums drop down.
  • Disabled Negative rep. Can only give positive or neutral rep now.
  • Enabled latest posts in the 'Latest Threads' sidebar.
There's a work in progress dark mode in User Panel -> Edit Options -> Other Options -> Board Style

Thanks to cyclowns (http://forums.highlander.tf/showthread.php?tid=90)
site now gives visual feedback whenever you click the quote button(the button turns green! D: )

also i fixed the menu bar in the quick reply section that existed when u clicked "quote". Didn't know that was a thing, u can actually see it now

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