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Season 2 - Week 6 Predictions
Welcome to RGL Highlander Season 2.

This is Week 6. Invite will feature a wildcard week between the #5 and #6 seeds on pl_swiftwater. Other divisions will play pl_borneo.

(Best of 3) (exec rgl_hl_stopwatch)

Week 6 Matches
RGL.gg Season 2 League Team Spreadsheet
Roster Transactions

Good luck and have fun!
Ff > fl ofc

G2b > F2P 2-1
Meat > shit 2-0
Ts == bhwhite (if I'm there we win)
Ami bye
ff > fl

g2b > f2p
meat > shit
ts = bh glhf, if duck is there we will actually lose i am very serious
amicita bye
plug walk
ff > fl 2-0

g2b > f2p 2-0
b&h white < ts 1-2 (could go either way tbh)
shit < meat 1-2

swift inc > b&h 2-0
jebus > home depot 2-1
g2b > f2p 2-1
bh w = ts we suck lol
shit > meat 2-1 shiny pickup is kinda fat ngl
Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
i want to top frag
fl > ff
bh < ts 69-420
g2b > f2p 2-1
ts > bhw 2-1 pretty close
meat > shit 2-0

bye > ami 2-0
bye week had a rough season so far, but with ami having roster shuffles, i think bye might be able to take it.
Please stop with the bye week jokes
gosh darn it i cant stop LOLing (Laughing Out Loud) at this joke!!!
plug walk
>> > fl 2-0, the Flow could take rounds or a map here if they actually tried but I have the feeling that they've given up. Real talk though, a lot of their players have improved a lot which I'm super happy to see, I appreciate them sticking out the season a lot.


G2B > F2P 2-1, close teams, G2B's DM probably outdoes F2P's coordination though.

-ts- > B&HW 2-1, I am convinced that -ts- is unable to win a match without dropping rounds so here we are.

MEAT > SHIT 2-1, close teams, SHIT's new Scout won't matter as much on Borneo though. SHIT wins if Moist and Makk step up, MEAT wins if they don't throw.


NKB > 80085 2-1, Venn farms.

Swift > B&H 2-0

Jebus > HDepot 2-0, Austin.

Riot > BNF2 2-0

[NEW MIC] > CC 2-0
(02-14-2019, 04:06 PM)SpotlightR Wrote: -ts- > B&HW 2-1, I am convinced that -ts- is unable to win a match without dropping rounds so here we are.

i need a warmup round so we drop the first
plug walk
>> > fl 2-0,


G2B > F2P 2-1, g2b will probably win but i can see f2p winning if g2b doesnt care

-ts- > B&HW 2-0 just guessing

MEAT > SHIT 2-1, guessing again

NKB > 80085 2-0, NKB has good coordination and pound demo so borneo is probably good map for them

Swift > B&H 2-1, bh will get 1 round imo

Jebus = HDepot GLHF

Riot > BNF2 2-1, roit lost cl4y on demo so this match may change based on their replacement.

[NEW MIC] > CC 2-0 , new mic is getting better and idk CC
there's no way this bear hoovy guy can win main...
[Image: jFh0twG.png]

RGL Highlander S2 Wildcard 1: Fast Forward vs the Flow

Time: Monday, February 18th 9:30 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

The first of the two wildcard matches to determine the 4th playoff spot will be between Fast Forward and the Flow in a best of three on pl_swiftwater.

Fast Forward has started off the regular season strong with three wins, before losing consecutively twice against the top ranked teams Rewind and Kids Next Door. They are currently ranked 5th and will be playing against the 6th ranked Flow who are fighting to break their 5th consecutive loss. With Swiftwater being a strong flank map, ninjax and Daffodil on Fast Forward will have to do their best to carry their team’s momentum in this match. For the Flow, they will be ringing Dongus on soldier, gert on sniper, and Cooldog on spy, players that all have the potential to go big during this match and keep the Flow in this game.

Will the Flow be able to get their first win of the season against Fast Forward? Find out with Alto and zagron on RGLgg.

Match Page | http://hl.rgl.gg/Public/Match.aspx?m=2215
Fast Forward | http://hl.rgl.gg/Public/Team.aspx?t=3278
The Flow | http://hl.rgl.gg/Public/Team.aspx?t=3199
you ever just have an argument with bowl of mayo where your just screaming and just competing with each other for who has more autism, well some may refer to that as the lunean dimension and I will always be the king retard
Ringme anyclass
(02-13-2019, 05:49 PM)shaayy ^ Wrote: fl > ff

I'm the only 1 to say this
You felt something warm inside your heart.

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