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Who are your favorite teammates?
scout - duke em was super chill on NGC (and was, for some reason, willing to come play hl for me if I needed someone), also sparhawk (the bug)
soldier - smak, khil, and aad are all at least amazing-ish people and good to play with. m0nsta was nuts, too
pyro - reluctantly BM but I also hate him and also reluctantly tacos but I hate him too
demo - hedge when he tried in hl (or at least I thought he was trying s19), fygg, georgi, and jones
heavy - grim, he was better when he was high
engie - buttface and michael are two of the best engies I've played with/against, and flem is a kool dude. I'm also gunna put DZ in this category for 7s lol
medic - Sharion, prodigal, netso, fury, and BigR because he was willing to play for us when we needed someone in playoffs s22 :o
sniper - podgy: the only sniper I've ever played with because this has always been me until now
spy - moey, ixton, and koishi were/are all super cool to play with. I would revive ixton and moey if I could Sad

tl;dr half of s19 NGC, all of s22 PYP, and almost all of my team this season (plus a few others)

I probably forgot people, I'm sorry Sad
save me
scout - BLNKT's super cool and frags to no end, yipyapper smells nice and plays great, Poseidon nutted s24, sullyy was crazy. myk and josh are crazy and they're both great guys. (and nerdaloid played scout for my first iron team!)

soldier - tgw always popped off, catalyst is a destroyer, Uni's a great gamer, and nova was always tons of fun to play with.

pyro - Puffalo did amazing s24, duck's pretty neat, and kega's first honor mention goes here. shout-out to Skota s19!

demo - nerdaloid's always been a wacky demo, Brick Hughouse is a fantastic person and great demo, cookiemonster is a pretty great guy and an awesome demo. also TeatsMcghee, the first comm i ever heard from him was "my hands smell like eggs". shout-out to klm and wcduckman.

heavy - Muzique is such an awesome person actually. i've always had massive respect for Chocc, Witness, and civ, and kega's second honor mention goes here. very special shout-out to the man, Orga.

engie - Xieso was a really cool dude, Buttface is hilarious and i love that guy. special shout-outs to biz, Dest, and rhombus; buncha fantastic players.

medic - Gomical, my roommate and best friend, played a fantastic medic for a couple seasons with me when i first started. Spotlight is one of the best people i know in this community. Lorgon has always been a great friend and a damn good medic. Snake was always a lot of fun to play with, and InSanity was hands-down the best medic of s24 silver. also DZCreeper has a large cranium. special shout-outs to prodigal, Mr. Gnu, and tacos

sniper - eagle absolutely demolished s24. Sei is nuts, Homeless rocked, Markers is ridiculously good, and jetz was always a destroyer. Mhenlo's super cool and always popped off. special shout-outs to mail, cat, Stemcake, pretty, and moof.

spy - colourist is magnificent. hulk's an awesome guy, and was a fantastic spy. Micahlele is a super cool person, a damn good player, and an awesome leader. Madringme owns. shout-outs to Duke, Steak, waterr, Dooter, and RoadKiehl.
Season 18 Crowley, Mr.k, Wilson, bonko, Humble penguin, walrus, milky(rest in piece buddy), mak, companion, rampage

All the other seasons I've mained for: Aeon, DOOMBRINGER, flintlok, Nando53rd, Rangercake, jebus, Raven, shia, Mhenlo, cloud, Locke.

Other game modes: shaayy, smokee, hyphen, gungon, sheen, dooter, cas, ex.hunter, hypedad32. Homeless, nicKk.
Duck and trelan to be honest
i love that duck guy
plug walk
mirrorman, spu, exile, coldster, june, watterson
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Duck and shadoe are my favorite team mates tbh...
Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
what the hell am i doing here?
I forgot to list DOOMBRINGER_ on my favorite Soldiers. I am a moron. He is my favorite teammate of all time, second to nobody.

Overall, my favorite teammates over my past 8 seasons are DOOMBRINGER_, Uni, Yuki, Austin, duck, Octa, Pills, and BLNKT. I have never really disliked a teammate before beyond one team that I was on. I like this community a lot overall.
honestly a fuck ton of the people on my list don't play tf2 anymore but i'm feeling nostalgic and i might jog a couple old memories from the old ugc gold crowd so here goes nothing.

Scout - april fools (s14, gold) was probably the most pleasant to be around out of the scout mains i've played a full season with. other than her probably jaaay (s17,gold) just because of how chill and non toxic he was when i played with him.

Soldier - super (s18, gold). absolute pounder on soldier who carried our team at some crucial moments during the season. was pretty funny to hang around especially with the rest of the does it crew. hope he continues to pound overwatch league even tho that game is stinky

Pyro - roser (s25, silver). i'm biased sorry........ honorable mention to pyrrhus (s22, plat) tho.

Demo - rhydon (s18, gold). dude was like my best friend through most of my hl career. absolute bro and a pro fallout new vegas streamer.

Heavy - triiiple (s18, gold). never forget the kid warrior

Engineer - Chicobo (s17, gold). honestly the most genuinely nice and least toxic person i've ever played tf2 with.

Medic - Alto (s14, 15 gold). only person on here i played more than one season with. still sends me anime shitposts from /a/. Wall (s17, gold). i played with Wall when she was going through a rough fucking time and i appreciate her sticking with our dysfunctional af team for that season despite that

Sniper - cinder/zoey/ae.ryuko matoi (s14, gold). i wouldn't have gotten my first  start in gold if not for him so i gotta give special s/o for that. also playing with door in s14 when most of that team was just playing gold for the first time (certain someone playing a combo class for the first time after being a mid silver sniper main >.>) is worthy of a fucking medal in my book.

Spy - literally every spy main i've played with has been good friends with me at some point so i'm just gonna list a bunch of them off. flatline (s10 steel, s11 silver), Dart Mann (s12, silver), kobb (s13, gold), deaft joe (s15, gold), waterr/jason shpee (s18, gold), moondoggy (s22, plat), homeless (s23, silver), cole (s25, silver), craftkitty (rgl s1 main)

honestly everyone from door and does it *cept for discario >Sad* was a joy to be around and hang out with and i hope all of them are doing aight nowadays. also special shoutouts to all the gamers from my botched silver team experiment in s25 as i got to be pretty good friends with just about everyone from that team and i just wanna say i love you all <3
Pyro mains :/
mid silver is extremely generous @junrrr
everyone on s22 bepis (before i quit)
s22 was the last good season of silver dont @ me
everyone who's ever played officially for home depot, but outside of home depot as well as a few honorable mentions

i have never not laughed my ass off when playing with dog/el farmo, s tier shitposts and s tier comms

basically everyone on cumber crew esea is super cool...

zbra, wubs, inky and mikey, i love them so much. i like all of the other players that don't play highlander too but the ones that DO play highlander are very clout gamers :) Also shoutout to Ness / enemy ac-130 above, man has 200 ping but he has an incredibly handsome accent and also owns, also really nice

Lee (formerly Classy Lizard) and Snow are the two people that i literally pulled from pubs and made a comp team with. still friends with them to this day and they still play on and off. they started at exactly the same time as me and on the same team, great gamers, lee is one of my bffs

J helped me out a lot getting into the comp scene and even tho he's MIA 90% of the time I always enjoy talking to him when he shows up, plus through him I met Serious and Gamemaster because they were mutual teammates with him back in the day. both are very fun to play with and talk to

I've only recently started talking to norphel and even tho i'm not exactly blowing up his dms with shitposts and all, the humble beast himself is a very, very cool gamer, and he destroys as the demolition class, i'm sorry i took him from you saturation

raisins is my boy idk what else to say i love that man with all of my heart he oozes clout energy
micahlele is also a very fun gamer to play with/talk to :)
i haven't had a conversation with chocc where he hasnt called me gay or hes insulting me but i love him for it hes cool

i played a few newbie (random pubbers who i'm friends with from a discord that is completely unrelated to tf2) ultitrio pugs with my literal dad in real life which means that not only is my dad technically a competitive tf2 player but he also gets 900 dpm http://logs.tf/2000729#76561198040962146
someone pick up pmmg

since i have too much free time i sometimes hang around in the EU highlander scene where i play with 90 ping and nobody knows who i am. it's a nice change of pace from the action NA tends to get. solare in particular is a very nice gamer, i'm letting him roster ride/sub on the weekends, man is being subbed in at 3 am to play 80-130 ping international tf2


cyclowns i miss you oh god please come back

So because I'm sure that was impossible to read here's my list of players i specifically mentioned
dog/el farmo
norphel08/03??? idk
pmmg the god

anyway, that's a lot and i apologize for taking up all the space with this incoherent wall of text, i love a lot of ppl in this community, and if u werent mentioned but i talk to you on a regular basis i'm sorry theres just too many people to count at 3 am

edit: sarge!!!!! i forgot he's getting back into this game, i didn't mention him because he stopped playing shortly after he started but now that he's back i guess i can mention him, i love that yeehaw boy
Scout: Samercam and michael

Soldier: Aad

Pyro: airoh and muddy

Demo: Jones and ketjelly

Heavy: Speaker4Pluto

Engie: no one really, but I get along with a lot of other engies.

Medic: Markers and Almaz

Sniper: Michaelpc1, Podgy, and Caleb

Spy: NukingDragons and Steaklington

A lot of these people are from older teams and therefore don't play rgl anymore to my knowledge, but they were good folks that I enjoyed playing with.
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Scout: Dynamosaurus. I always look back fondly on ski. Such a nice guy and absolutely fucking crushed every other silver scout in season 13. Also mr bubbles/akai/zaba when he played on WKND with me.
Soldier: Obviously VANSKI, aka VAN, aka Donovan H. TF2 father figure, was the most average soldier to ever play the game but he holds a very special place in my heart. Also bunny on MCM.
Pyro: Me
Demo: EvilMaverick, Gatr123 (when he played demo for imberium), musketeer/joe. I also wub exire.
Heavy: Barry barry quite contrary (this list has like all sports killustrated people on it) along with K52 on WKND and chinatown on WKND/>>.
Engie: Definitely waxattacks. Also niko jims from s19 EVL gaming. Also mimebread.
Medic: Manwich, mr bubbles and wallerino.
Sniper: Synergy because he left the game forever but was my best friend. I still miss him dearly. Also vinny because he was funny. Andrevv because he carried me to third place plat twice. Dean/Stars_Jolte0n for being the cool gamer.
Spy: Obviously Heisen comes in first on this one but Proto, Joe and Evil are also wonderful people.
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