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Advanced kevbad s3
Making this in case i dont end up making a team

I'm kinda bad but if i actually get a main slot on a team and put some time in my skills shoot up by like 500% in about 3 weeks

I'd love to be able to play adv but main or funny class in IM is cool too

Heres what i can play

Adv- solly or pyro
main- solly pyro spy 
IM- sniper

I'lll play whatever tho if its with friends

add steam or discord Kev#4444
pick this man up
nice man
plug walk
I met Kevin way back in UGC season 18 for Steel HL when he was sniping with high ping... what a great time...
He is still learning and improving so give him a shot! <3

Kega approved
Kev is friendly and, helpful. good traits that make him a blast to play with
dog lover +rep
Kev exists and plays pugs
get orc of my way
im an orc
b-u-m-p cuz im not sure if team happens
prestigious burger academy alum

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