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S2 Advanced Happenings/Discussion
(12-04-2018, 08:49 PM)cloud Wrote:
(12-04-2018, 08:39 PM)TeatsMcghee #LigmaJohnson Wrote: i fucking suck Smile

teets you dont suck remember when u got 1000 dpm

thanks for making me feel better #feelingssavedepicwin
teats is a girl
(12-05-2018, 06:13 PM)duck Wrote: teats is a girl

this is common knowledge, read his grenade launcher name
plug walk
(12-05-2018, 08:28 PM)cloud Wrote:
(12-05-2018, 06:13 PM)duck Wrote: teats is a girl

this is common knowledge, read his grenade launcher name

i know idiot
teats, wheres my kiss man
(11-29-2018, 08:16 PM)cloud Wrote: micahleles team, super handsome intelligent team, i have heard that poseidon is making a team as well

team micahcaptain is indeed playing advanced
Shoutout to flankyyy, drag, kett, and all the OG Amicitia members
Where is shredder?
@velt come on over
What happened to all the teams that were gonna play in Advanced, did they all forget to do their homework and get their TF2 privileges revoked or something
no team shredder, i am quitting tf2 for cs 1.6
plug walk
team shredder is best team
I will win advanced
so fellas whats everyones thoughts now that advanced has some set teams, with team blue99 and FF going to invite

plug walk
simple, i win
Gib power rankings.....
sfea > everyone else
If your team isn't on the team spreadsheet I refuse to believe your team exists
[NEW MIC] wins main
(if we actually get put there)
Advanced Power Rankings:

1. Skate Fast Eat Bass
Not only does sfea^ have a strong combo with Teats and duck on Demoman and Pyro respectively, but fruitcup is also a very fast improving Medic who is the best Medic in Advanced imo. Their flank of Sparhawk and Uni is also the best flank in the div by far.

2. Gotta Blast
G2B was the best team in Main by a long shot last season and they have a much improved roster for Advanced this season. Josh and Nerdaloid on flank is insane and other players like wile, PsychoPsyduck, and nazara are some of the best names in Advanced this season.

3. B&H White
This team essentially took the best players from B&H such as Lexa, Chocc, and Poseidon and combined them with over Advanced-ready players like Colourist and Biz. A very strong team for sure and I could see the top 3 teams swap positions easily.

4. Super Handsome Intelligent Team
Moist Master's teams have a reputation for always being very strong contenders in their respective divisons but this iteration of S.H.I.T seems weaker than those of the past. Apathy, Moist, Cookie, Ellie, and Dogo are all returning but the rest of their roster seems weaker than before. Still a good team nonetheless.

5. Forty-Two Pence
Although the roster of F2P seems improved over their S1 roster, it still seems below the competition on paper. That being said, I expect this team to have far stronger coordination and chemistry than others in Advanced that could give them some unexpected wins if their opponents underestimate them.

6. Amicitia Nova
This team seems to have the weakest roster in Advanced on paper as it's compiled of several players that have yet to make a name for themselves. However, Sei is an extremely capable Sniper that not many people have taken notice of yet and bran is also fantastic at any class you put him on. DZ is also a good person to have on any team.

This season of Advanced seems pretty competitive and the level of all six teams above seems pretty similar, definitely closer than last season. I would like to see one or two more teams in Advanced for S2 though. Perhaps moving up Blackjack & Hookers as they picked up players like asian and dinko and Swift Inc. as they improved their roster with Nucket and will likely be far more coordinated than last season would bring even more competition into Advanced for S2.

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