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Advanced lenn lft solly/spy
hello im lft soldier and spy
for soldier i want to find a mid-high adv team. this is my main class that i have the most experience on
for spy i would like a low-mid ish advanced team. i played spy this season in main but i enjoy it enough to play again
i will play either no real preference.
i dont have a very tight schedule so i can scrim whenever
edit: got second in main as spy this season
leonard tf2
lenn is a pounder of a soldier
he is an ok spy

high adv soldier for sure, if u dont give him a tryout ur probably throwing
plug walk
he told me to say nice things

but actually he's a pounder, pick him up
its vec not vecc
Good boy, pick up
"bro lenn is actually my hard carry hes insane"- yehuda weinbach
carried yehuda's team on his back like a pack mule, save him pls
Not sure how this man hasn’t seen a chiropractor he carried me(Yehuda Weinbach)to a positive record in main, a very difficult task as I am very very very bad
his skill is inverted to his penis size, thats why he gets no coochie
(02-28-2019, 11:35 PM)Banquo Wrote: his skill is inverted to his penis size, thats why he gets no coochie

bro no way he doesnt get coochie... he has long hair... thats really hot.....
i love u
kiss me
He was easily better than most spies in main on his first season because of his movement, game sense, and DM. He would pound on any advance team as soldier too
u too cute for me to defile
leonard tf2
bump lool
leonard tf2
best soldier on new mic
post grand finals bump
leonard tf2
he made playing sniper in grand finals a living hell

his soldier is even better, honestly you're taking a huge L if you don't pick this guy up
his revolver aim is quite nasty
Len nasty
Lenn is epic fragger and a cool dude

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