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Scrim Post Guideline
Remember to choose a division prefix in the "Subject" area if you are looking for scrims in a single division. If you do this, it will make it much easier for people to see what division you are looking for scrims in.


[Team Name] - [Scrim Times]
[Team Name] LFS [Scrim Times]

Your team name should be included in the title so people know what team you are on. (All times for scrims are usually setup as times in eastern timezone.)

Post (please include the following)
  •    Date/time(s) you are looking for
  •    Any specifications like "High IM" or "Playoffs IM"
  •    Any maps you wish to scrim (remember to scrim the other teams map too!)
  •    If you can host the scrim on your server or not
  •    RGL Team Profile Link (if possible)
  •    Steam profile contact link
Example Post

Invite - Fast Forward - Saturday 8:30 + Sunday 8:30/9:30
Quote:Fast Forward is looking for playoff invite scrims this weekend.
  • Saturday 8:30
  • Sunday 8:30/9:30
We will host with our server and can scrim either upward or product + your map.

RGL Team Profile
Steam Profile (Contact here)
hello! dont add me for forum issues, use PM instead

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