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Thoughts on duck gettin banned for cheating...



Credit to bm, hyphen hunter, and spymann12 for the clips

I want a girl to look at me the way duck looks at spies through walls
[Image: unknown.png]
:crab: ts :crab: is :crab: dead :crab:
Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
various -ts- players react:

TomServo Today at 4:37 PM
Guess he isnt as good as Tom Servo after all

cloud Today at 4:36 PM
yooo lmfao

Fruitcup Today at 4:37 PM
haha wtf

5perm Today at 4:40 PM
lmao wtf
plug walk
wow man i made both those clips
what the hell am i doing here?
pls follow me on twitch thx
succ me 
on some real shit most of us dont care cuz we were gonna lose next week to ami anyway. civ and dog hate this game, fruitcup and i were already planning on other stuff for next season, 5perm was gonna quit iirc.

feel bad for a few people on ts who dont have concrete plans for next season. this shit will ruin good players (that dont cheat)

duck, you are reading this and i know you are. you got cut and then rage cheated. and that my friend, is quite cringe.
plug walk
good work
duck lmfao

hino's dignity saved for now
reality is a construct and we're all living in the matrix controlled by sentient cups of water harvesting our natural moisture from themselves
[Image: unknown.png]
plug walk
*insert crab emoji* TEAM SPOOKY IS GONE *insert crab emoji*
Yo why can't i ever make playoffs smh my head dawg

duck is the best example of an online school shooter... i got cut.. time for everyone to pay...
imagine cheating when you main pyro LMAO
hh brother
LOL thanks duck

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Duck: Bro how do these players not see the spy lol
does that mean this clip of his in the top 10 plays of 2018 was cheated as well

hh brother

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