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Invite lft sniper s3
hey im lft after taking a break to focus on school and other stuff
looking to play sniper in either invite/high advanced

I know a lot of people don't really know me for my sniper unless you've played with/against me before but after kinda trolling/meming in s1 main im trying to really improve my gameplay and skill these next couple seasons. hoping to make the switch to 144hz and get a better pc so i wont be so limited before the season starts.
so if you give me a chance ill honestly try my best to improve and im open to all types of feedback and criticism. i think im capable of holding my own against players in invite if given the chance and a little bit of guidance and confident to play in high advanced with a team that can enable/protect me.

RGL s1 main 7-2 - 2nd place - main sniper
RGL s2 adv 6-1 - sub sniper

if you're interested in letting me tryout hmu on steam
thanks <3
Percy and I played multiple seasons of competitive highlander together over the years. He has an excellent attitude with a drive and passion to continually improve. He has been busy working on his goals in his personal life and is now back and ready to pound on a well rounded team. I believe with a good team and support Percy will easily be one of the better snipers in the division he chooses to play in. Really laid back and cool guy as well, you wont regret having this player on your team. Wish you the best Percy and glad to see you playing again Smile
Let this man own in advanced, he is a le epic gamer. He takes the game very seriously and he owns
He's a really nice guy and is worth a shot. Def give him a tryout!
Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
I saw him play a ton last season and he was a very dominate player. Very nice guy and would fit almost every single play style you need him too

(so pick him up)
Percy is an excellent pickup, a bit hammy at times but nonetheless a serious, dedicated gamer who will fill your comms with hilarious filth.

oh yeah he can aim too, I think that's important???
played against him a lot way back when, he could do really well in advanced imo
save me
percy has been very good for very long. this guy will surprise you, dont hesitate to try him out for a team hoping to win advanced
plays on 60hz and still shits on kids imagine when he gets 144hz o.o
Pyro mains :/
percy is a pretty epic sniper who was a big part of the reason that F2P got second in main S1. The man can hit shots and he plays pretty smart. He might be a bit toxic in comms sometimes but he wants to get better and he did for all of his time with F2P. I would definitely recommend trying the man out as he's easily advanced material.
percy is a good sniper to begin with, but with the amount of players moving up to invite or leaving he would hardly have any competition if he played advanced.
pick him up
bump. need more tryouts
monitor acquired.
i require more tryouts
bump. add me to tryout on your invite/high advanced teams

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