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lft demo
I'd like to main but I can sub if needed. Any div that's not open.

actually the best player i've ever had the pleasure of playing with, carries the shit outta me. godly DM and he has a brain to back it up.

can definitely play high advanced

pretty laid back too but u gotta watch out with the furry porn, still one of my bfs tho

EDIT: but wait i need him for home depot s3 so i'd be sad if you took him from me

also here's a log of him going 1000 dpm
Zbra?? more like wubs's mom, pick him up
I love my wife

Team history
Jerma is my dad
i love my mom
i love my son
meme weede
zebra is an awesome gamer and a good buddy that I met back at :thinking: for Season 23 of UGC Silver HL; he does Scout for the team and is usually the quiet one. When :thinking: was facing against IBKC on cascade (the old version) for week 8, we went 0-3 for the first half. Everyone in the team during that time was kinda tilted until zebra spoke out that we were playing like vagina for the between time. The continuing conservation went on for us that we need the bigger dicks against their dicks so we were pumped up for the second half; IBKC kinda lost their guard during that time. The result: we went 3-3 on the second half and then 4-3 for the third half. zebra's encouraging talk made us do the impossible table turning against IBKC. Yes, we do have cat, our sniper player, and she heard and know about the conservation about vagina and dicks; but, the team's atmosphere is so positive and nice due to the players on the roster.

I played with zebra, while he is the main Demoman, again for Season 25 of UGC Silver HL on Home Depot eSports. I played the Medic class for the team as a commitment, even though I main Heavy and was supposed to do Pyro. zebra is my person of words on telling me what to do and improve on as a Medic. The start to the ending weeks show I became better as a Medic player due to the gained experiences and willingness to improve and learn at a quick rate. When the team faced against IBKC on week 5, the cp_steel week, we defeated that team with 2-1 due to their lost guard.
Match highlight: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/278136445
For vigil on week 8 against 33gal, oh boy! How do kegaMed explained that roller coaster experience...
Match highlight: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/282910627
Someone's YT vid about KegaMed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdwp7zMfLaw

For Home Depot eSports on RGL HL Main season 2, Kegaman do the KegaPyro while zebra do Scout and Demoman (for different weeks/matches). He is still my person of words on telling me to improve as a Pyro player and a person as well. I still struggle on spychecking as a KegaPyro but my learning experiences are getting somewhere for the better. Both of us and the rest of Home Depot eSports (current main players) are in playoffs and had recently defeated B&H on the first week of playoffs.
Match highlight: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/390621478

Overall, zebra is the definition of fuckaroo in a positive way due to his fragging and main calling skills as both Scout and Demoman. He is a nice person while being the 6s and HL player who can fuck shits up with the supports. zebra is best suited for a team with a positive environment (friendly) who want to improve and win as a team.

Ranking of zebra: Kega+/10 <-- Kega is a better scoring grade
zbra fucks on demo. do not glance over him. He will farm any team in advanced as demo.
Shoutout to flankyyy, drag, kett, and all the OG Amicitia members
best demo in main
DEAD autumn :  why are you a butt ugly indian kid

get bmed idiot
best black man for any combo to play with, made playing med not as horrible

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