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Main ANTHRAX - LFP Soldier+Medic Tryouts
Looking for dedicated and chill players who can hold their own in High-Main to Low-Adv level HL. Mainly looking for more tryouts for Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Engineer, and Sniper.

Ideally looking for players with Silver/Main+ Exp but IM is fine if you can get someone to vouch for you as being High-Main level.

Our tryout roster looks like this right now, this isn’t the final product:


Scout: peaches, patches, Jamm, Micahlele
Soldier: shohh, Micahlele again
Pyro: fordo, Klowwd, Micahlele again
Demoman: Luigi, Brandon, Micahlele again
Heavy: Hael, Funky, Norpel, Micahlele again
Engineer: DocHoliday, Brandon, lay Micahlele again
Medic: Bulby, Lumi, Micahlele again
Sniper: shohh, Egwat, wile, Livstid, Private, Micahlele again again again
Spy: ghost

Scout: Tide

Good Luck and peace,
- ghost

Note: We love Micahlele here.
Bump -
sick dude
NGL berry commented so this team is cringe now
How did I get here
sebbers what have i actually done to u
hi =)

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