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Main Ryuk - Spy
Hello, I'm looking for a spy spot in main s3. I use both mumble and discord so that doesn't matter as well as scrim times. I can make anything on weekends or monday nights and if needed i could probably make Friday scrims to.

I'm hoping to actually move up in this game before it dies forever. I've been playing in low divs with friends for ages and the one time i tried to move up to plat the teams I joined all ended up dying. If you're spu ignore that last bit and pretend I never mentioned plat at all.

s1 IM (7-3)
s25 ugc silver (4-4)
s22 ugc silver (3-5)
s21 ugc silver (5-4)
and of course my iron team s18 (3-5)

My team history isn't the best but I blame that on karma.

Add me for tryout or really anything: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ryuktf2/
Hella nice guy and a good spy. This one must be picked up!
The Godfather#7716
i'm in his frag video so i can confirm he can facestab me on medic

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