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Advanced lft adv scout
hello brothers, i am asher, i play the scout class, i am potentially looking for team, adv or inv, but i don't really think im ready for inv personally so primarily adv

i thought i was going to take a break from hl after this season but then i rang for some gamers and got rejuvenated

if you don't know who i am here are some things about me:

 - i bot in

other than that, i'm a pretty non-toxic gamer who likes to talk about runescape, super smash brothers melee for the nintendo gamecube, and music, that's about it
hh brother
other things abt asher:

- he fucks
- yes
asher nuts
Bigfoot Lives!
gamer of the epic variety
asher is actually a god
I've said for almost a year at this point that Asher is a really good scout and hes also super cool
plug walk
Cool man

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