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RGL Advanced S2 All-Stars!
It's the return of the Advanced All-Stars game!

Last season we asked you to let us know which players you thought were the best of the best in Advanced, and this season we're doing it all again, with exactly no changes! With the Advanced Grand Finals coming around in a week, time is short, so hurry up and get your votes in!

Vote, vote, vote here!

Terms and conditions apply. No RGL players were harmed in the making of this poll. You may incur data charges from your telephone service provider for voting in this poll.
You voted, you waited with bated breath, and now you get to see which one of you was the best of the best!

Overall MVPs of Advanced Season 2:

jetz and durr!

These two will move on to be the team captains of the All-Star game, and will be drafting their teams from the pool of individual class all-stars. Which brings us to...

Advanced All-Star Scout

Runner-up, josh

Advanced All-Star Soldier

Runner-up, Catalyst

Advanced All-Star Pyro

Runner-up, blake

Advanced All-Star Demoman

Runner-up, Makkabeus

Advanced All-Star Heavy

Runners-up, civ & Moist Master (tied)

Advanced All-Star Engineer

flu walrus
Runner-up, GreenKing

Advanced All-Star Medic

Runner-up, DZCreeper

Advanced All-Star Sniper

Runner-up, Sei

Advanced All-Star Spy

Runner-up, Micahlele

If you'd like to check out the results in detail, click here to view the responses! Note that Steam IDs and future suggestions have been cleaned from the publicly viewable list.

The Advanced All-Star Match is happening this Sunday March 24th at 9:30pm EST! Come watch these players duke it out in a no-holds barred, season stress-relieving game that's sure to bring explosive plays and hilarious hijinks. The game will be broadcasted live at twitch.tv/FlarePG, so mark it down on your calendar and come hang out with us to send the season off with a smile!
These results are obviously rigged. I was actually maining demo this season and my team made me offclass every match.

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