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Advanced lft s3 fordo pyro
season 25 ugc steel - the riveters (5th)
season 1 rgl im - anthrax (1st)
season 2 rgl main - 80085

(lft main/adv)
all pyro based experience // looking to try out for either main or sub spot
add me on steam or pm me

great at reflecting AND feeding! kappa
Fordo is a pretty good pyro when she has a competent team, makes good plays and calls; puts a lot of effort into trying to improve and is passionate about the game,
May be an alien
speaking off pugs, i like how he plays pyro, try him out
Best pyro I've ever played with, well coordinated and always has their head in the right place. Definitely a solid pickup in Adv or High Main.
Fordo is a pretty epic pyro when shes with combo team and makes smart plays

She has hack reflecting (Kidding) Pls pick her up shes homeless no job no money no foods Smile

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