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can we have a BYE WEEK div
I wanna see BYE WEEK v BYE WEEK #2

I want a div to where bye week and team free agents can have a fighting chance
they lose every season because the admins cant balance the divs correctly
I love my wife

Team history
Jerma is my dad
plug walk
What is the point of this post?
Dude I spilt my drink and fell down a flight of stairs and the life expired in my eyes as my life ended because of how funny this was
extremely funny man, thought I was watching a Dave Chapelle comedy show for a second.
A second-class Chinese legend who doesn't know when to give it his all.

if you think this is a joke your surely mistaken
I love my wife

Team history
Jerma is my dad
furries need to be annihilated

yeah this blows

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