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HL Invite - Season 2 - Playoffs Ruling

I'm sigafoo, also known as the Owner of RGL.gg. I played in this season of Invite with Space Force for the full season, though I don't actively take part with HL RGL Admin side in a day to day basis. I do act as counsel to give my opinions on various issues and step in during conflicts of interest as I'm impartial to the situation. Conflicts of interest have come up late in the season since both of our Admins for Invite are on the 1st and 2nd place team. 

Including the latest issue is with the Lower Bracket Finals game, between Rewind and The Empire.

The schedule for Playoffs has been public for a long time, there was a post on December 4th, 2018 (100 days ago) which explain that "Default match days for the lower bracket matches will be on Saturday." And then another post on February 27th, 2019 (2+ weeks ago) which explained: "Lower bracket Invite matches default match dates are Saturday 9:30 PM EST."

So when it came to setting up this match, The Empire, unfortunately, did not forward plan to check to make sure they had enough players for the potential matches. And were in a bind because they would need so many ringers due to the issues they created for themselves.

Now RGL does step in during playoffs more often to help out teams who run into issues, because we want to do our best to make sure teams play. And from all accounts, including RonnieJ (the leader for The Empire), who has stated that Rewind has offered multiple days to play the match, including the default date.

One option that was explored by RGL was to see if we could push back the Grand Finals. This would allow the LB game to happen on Monday when The Empire could play and then we have the GF the next Monday (and we push back Prolanders start by one week.) 

The issue is that when talking to the leader of KND their main demo bowl, did plan ahead, and schedule a trip that happens the week after Grand Finals and he wouldn't be able to play. And playing switching it to be during the week was questionable as many players do not work jobs with consistent schedules. 

Well then it was a question, do we push back the grand finals and punish the team who seem to have planned ahead to play without one of their core main callers, because another team did not plan ahead to make sure they'd have availability on the date that was known about well in advance? Or do we force KND to play down because we want the LB match to happen in a better situation, even if that's worst for the Grand Finals match. 

Well, to be frank, it's wasn't a hard decision to make. Rewind has been accommodating, so it's not their fault. KND made plans based on the original schedule, so it's not their fault. The only issues lies with The Empire, and while I want to help them it has to stop at a point. 

So I talked with Ronnie and his team will be playing on Saturday in accordance with the rules. As the matches can be scheduled any time before or after a match date, but it has to be before the results due date which is Sunday. 

With this, I'm also going back on my ruling from earlier in the playoffs. Many teams had issue with the ruling and given the fact that we are sticking by the rules in this situation, we will remove the ruling of any limits on exile playing in the playoffs. This was another issue determined by me as I felt that Rewind was skirting the existing rules, to bend them in a way that was not intended. By cutting a player in playoffs to be replaced using the ringer rule, to circumvent the roster locks. Despite my disagreement with them bending the rules this way, I'm going to allow it, as it's technically within the rules, though not within the spirit of them. 

So with all of these decisions, they aren't actually my decisions, just rules being followed. We've decided to follow existing rules for everyone involved. 

Grand Finals will be played at the normal time, that was known well in advance, March 18th, 2019. 

Thank you,

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